Carlos Ardila Lulle Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Carlos Ardila Lulle

Carlos Ardila Lulle is the late Businessman, organizer, Investor, and one of the Prominent Billionaires worldwide who was famous for his Beverage Companies and his contribution to Soccer on an International Level. However, with Soccer investments, it was more like give and take as he was equally making revenue in exchange for the input he was granted in the particular sport. 

Carlos Ardila Lulle Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth           $1.8 Billion
Full Name          Carlos Ardila Lülle
Date of Birth      July 4, 1930
Died                    August 13, 2021
Birthplace           Columbia   
Profession           Entrepreneurship
Spouse                Maria Gaviria           
Carlos Ardila Lulle

Biography and Wiki of Carlos Ardila Lulle 

Carlos Ardila Lulle was born on the 4th of July, 1930, in Columbia and have raised in the same region for his complete teenage. His parents were highly concerned in regard to his education, so when Carlos turned 17, he completed high school with his majors, which included Mathematics, statistics, Finance, and Business Administration. 

Later on, he perused with Engineering on a scholarship basis at the University of Columbia. He is still mentioned in the record of the university as the best student out there with exceptional records. 

Professional Career History of Carlos Ardila Lulle

Right after graduating from the National University, Carlos decided not to practice engineering. Yet, he went towards various startups, consultations with business experts, and did a few sales and purchases in American Stock Market the raise his skillset.

In 1954, Carlos joined a company, and he served there in the development and production sector as the Junior Manager, that company used to produce drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in various flavors. 

Since then, Carlos got experience in the manufacturing of such products, and later on, over the decades, he created his own empire of business where he started producing tons of quality based soft drinks in exceptional flavors, and he made sure to expand his delivery process in most of the cities in the US.

Career Accomplishments of Carlos Ardila Lulle

Along with beverages, Carlos founded textile companies and have also launched three small businesses with Mexican people in business just a few years before his death. Moreover, in the earlier 90s, he sponsored the national football teams on a massive level, and due to this, he went through some losses, but he managed to recover from that acquisition of downfall in 1999.

Who was the Wife of Carlos Ardila Lulle?

At the time of his death, he was married to Maria Ardilla, who also belonged to the richest and most influential family in America. His father was the founder of a corporate company, and she had a prominent experience in investments and trading. However, the couple had two kids, both of whom are adults now managing Carlos’s businesses after his death.

Carlos Ardila Lulle

What is the Net Worth of Carlos Ardila Lulle?

The total estimated net worth of Carlos Ardila is $1.8 billion, and on an annual basis, he has been making $40 million annually with 47% profits in his companies over the entire investment every year. 

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’ 1” (in feet)
Weight: 110 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 48-46-18 inches
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Grey


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