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Cyprien Iov, better known by his stage name Cyprien (French pronunciation: [sipij]), was born on May 12, 1989. He is a French comedian, actor, dubber, and Blogger known for his humorously brief YouTube videos. Before continuing to produce videos on YouTube using his real name, he first gained notoriety for his Dailymotion videos posted under the alias Monsieur Dream.

Additionally, he has a second channel called Bigorneaux et Coquillages. Cyprien and Squeezie are both using the same channel.

Cyprien Biography and Net Worth

Full NameCyprien Iov
Birth DateMay 12, 1989
Age33 years
BirthplaceNice, France
ProfessionYoutuber, Blogger, and Voice actor
WifeAurélie Dunand
Net Worth$1.5 million

What is the personality of Cyprien? 

As a well-known social media user, Cyprien Iov is active on many social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. As of October 2017, the two most popular YouTube comedy channels in France were Cyprien and Norman fait des vidéos. Norman fait des videos came in second with 9.88 million followers, while Cyprien now led the pack with 11.39 million subscribers. 

Initial education of Cyprien:

On May 12, 1989, Cyprien Iov was born in Nice, France. His parents were originally from Romania. His mother ran a day-care center, and his father worked as a dental surgeon. His family comprises three members: a sister, an elder brother, and a younger brother. Cyprien was a student at the University of Aix-Marseille, but he voluntarily missed exams to travel to Paris for a seminar on work-from-home opportunities. Not much information is accessible concerning his upbringing and educational history.

Family belonging of Cyprien:

 Iov was raised in the French region of Var after being born in Nice to Romanian parents on May 12, 1989. His father is a dental technician representative, while his mother is a wet nurse. Additionally, he has a sister and two brothers.

Cyprien is famous for his short comic videos on Youtube. He started by posting videos on daily motion with the pseudonym Monsieur Dream. From daily motion, he moved to YouTube and began publishing his videos under his real name.  

Awards won by Cyprien:

Cyprien Iov’s YouTube channel was created on February 25, 2007. On his YouTube channel, Cyprien currently has more than 14.3 million subscribers. The primary channel Cyprien Iov maintains is well-known for its amusing videos that pique the curiosity of all his fans. On his YouTube page, Cyprien Iov posts edited scenes and bloopers.

His most watched video is “Cyprien-School,” uploaded to his YouTube channel on November 15, 2013, and now has over 58 million views. On his YouTube account, Cyprien Iov has additional significant videos like “Cyprien – School 2” and “Cyprien – Technophobe.” 

The Blogger works on two channels. One is his main channel which is for entertaining the audience. He uploads bloopers and comedy stuff that triggers the interest of his followers. 

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Cyprien: 

 A French YouTube sensation is Cyprien Iov. He is well known for publishing a wide range of funny stuff on his channel, Cyprien. He is also known for posting video games on his YouTube channel, Bigorneaux & Coquillages (In English – Winkles & Shells). CyprienGaming was the previous name of this gaming channel. 

Cyprien Iov was raised in a typical household by his dental technician mother and day-care worker father. He accidentally entered the world of social media and is now one of France’s most popular YouTubers. He not only has a huge fan base in France but also all around the world.

In addition to YouTube, he has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. The French YouTuber, who is sharp, humorous, and intelligent, values creating original content. It’s entertaining and informative to watch his videos. Cyprien Iov’s sense of humor and presentation style are just a few of the qualities that have helped him succeed online and will continue to help him in the future. On a personal level, when the YouTube star is not filming, he enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. 


Net Worth carrying by Cyprien:

Cyprien Iov is one of the richest and most popular YouTube celebrities. The sources we looked at for this estimate were Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia; Cyprien Iov’s net Worth is roughly $1.5 million.

In 2007, he started using Dailymotion to upload entertaining podcasts and movies to his site. Originally known as MonsieurDream, he started his channel. His YouTube channel had over 2.3 billion views and 13.3 million members as of October 2019.

Body dimension carried by Cyprien:

  • He has a manly height of 5’10”.
  • Cyprien has maintained his body weight at 75 kg.
  • He has attractive hazel eyes which look dynamite. 
  • He is always a fashion seeker. Thus, he likes to wear every fashion suit with short brown hair. 

Specifications of Cyprien:

In terms of the popularity of Cyprien’s channels, his solo channel has amassed 12 million subscribers, while as of June 2018, his joint channel had more than 5.2 million subscribers. In Nice, France, on May 12, 1989, Cyprien Iov was born. While his father works as a dental technician, his mother works in childcare. He also owns the clothing company Narmol.

Not just on Youtube but also on other social sites like Facebook and Instagram, Cyprien has a massive following. The guy is creative and funny and wants to entertain his audience by making fresh and engaging content. One of the qualities that have immensely aided Cyprien Iov’s online success and will continue to do so in the future is his sense of humor. The YouTube celebrity enjoys spending time with his family and friends when he’s not filming.

Physical Appearance:

Height:  5’10”
Weight:  75kg
Figure Measurement:  38-18-26 inches
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown


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