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Dan Dotson

American auctioneer Dan Dotson was born on November 23, 1962, and has been conducting auctions since 1974. American Auctioneers is a full-service auction business in Riverside, California, managed by Dan and his wife, Laura Dotson. Dan is most known for his role as the Auctioneer on Storage Wars on A&E Network. He sold a unit with $7.5 million of cash in a safe at auction in 2018

Dan Dotson’s Biography And Net Worth

Full NameDan Dotson
Birth DateNovember 13, 1962
Age59 years old
BirthplaceActor, TV personality
ProfessionCalifornia United States
wifeLaura Datson
Net Worth$4.5 million
Dan Dotson

What is the personality of Dan Dotson? 

He was 16 years old, Dotson decided to skip school and instead attend the Chino auctions in California, where he worked as a furniture salesperson for Merl Bernard. He is shy but friendly. 

Initial education of Dan Dotson:

John W. North High School is where Dotson obtained his high school diploma. Dan had not stated when he continued his education at the collegiate level, though.

Family belongings of Dan Dotson:

Dotson’s wife, Laura, joins him on the TV program Storage Wars and works as an auctioneer as well. Laura started her auctioneering career in 1988, just like her husband. It was on May 13, 1968, when Laura Dotson was born. Laura is also a native of the Californian city of Thousand Oaks. According to some, her father, who was mostly a mechanic but became involved in auctioning, is the source of her enthusiasm for selling.

Awards won by Dan Dotson:

He owns sets in the category of buffalo nickels and walking liberty half dollars that have received the PCGS Set Registry Platinum Award. He received more PCGS Set Registry Gold Award wins for sets containing Indian head coins, Mercury dimes, and American head nickels. 

Accomplishments, achievements, and career of Dan Dotson: 

In 1983, Dotson established American Auctioneers. Dotson maintained an auction site in Riverside in the 1980s and 1990s that specialized in antiques, ceramics, porcelain dolls, and furniture. Dotson first met Laura in 1996, and they subsequently got married. Additionally, Laura joined Dan in business; she is now a co-owner and manager of American Auctioneers. 

Dotson and his wife started participating in A&E’s Storage Wars in December 2010, a reality shows that follows four experienced buyers and their teams while they make offers on storage units that are in default. Dan usually plays the Auctioneer and Laura the ringman, although occasionally, the roles are switched (often at Laura’s request). While Laura’s auction chant employs more distinctive filler words and hence sounds slower than her husband’s, Dan’s here on show uses sloppy multi-syllabic filler spat out very fast.

Net Worth carrying by Dan Dotson:

As of 2021, Dotson’s current net worth was $4.5 million. This includes his assets, funds, and earnings. His work as an auctioneer is his main source of income. Dotson has acquired a sizable wealth through his multiple sources of income, yet he likes to live simply.

Dan Dotson

Body dimension carried by Dan Dotson:

  • Dan has been known for his perfect look.
  • He has silky black hair and eye color.
  • He has 5’8” tall and has 73 kg weight.

Specifications of Dan Dotson:

Laura Dotson, who is married to Dan Dotson, joined her husband as a co-owner of American Auctioneers. Additionally, the couple has a son called Garrett Dotson.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 73 Kg
Figure Measurement: 34-34-30 inches
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black


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