David Baszucki Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

David Baszucki

David Baszucki is an Engineer and entrepreneur who is leading a company and has scored in the top 100 richest Billionaires in the world. Primarily he is called Roblox as he has co-founded the company of Roblox and is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer. 

David Baszucki Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth           $2.4 Billion
Full Name          David Baszucki
Date of Birth      January 20, 1963
Age                     59 (in 2022)
Birthplace           Canada 
Profession           Businessman, Investor, Software Developer    
Spouse                Jan Ellison           
David Baszucki

Biography and Early Life of David Baszucki 

David Baszucki, aka Roblox, used to celebrate his birthday on the 20th of January. 1963 and his birthplace is Toronto, yet he has multiple nationalities, including American, Canadian, and European ones. During his early life, he was an extremely extrovert child and was interested in Biking, Creating circuits, etc.

Educational Background of David Baszucki

David has gone to Eden School for his elementary and primary education. His favorite subjects used to be computer science, and he was keenly into building little programs as Bill Gates was his first importation. 

During his educational time, he led co-curricular activities such as speeches, debates, computer competitions, and other outdoor games. David was very outspoken and a bold kid who knew the best way to handle things and grab knowledge since he was 11. However, in professional studies, he is a Software Engineering Graduate from a State National University.

Who is the Wife/Girlfriend of David Baszucki?

David has been married to Jan Ellison, who was his long-loved girlfriend from high school, they graduated together, and in his first business David, Jan helped her the most in the marketing and management planning. Moreover, Jan has made her career as a novelist, with a net worth of around $40 million on an individual basis. 

David Baszucki

What is the Net Worth of David Baszucki?

As of 2022, David has a net worth of 2.4 Billion Dollars; during Covid, he took a huge rise in his business, and it has been only a few years since he made it to the list of Billionaires. Currently, he has been earning $300 million annually and at least $40 million on a monthly basis. 

The primary sources of his income are software development and his company, Roblox, a tech-based company that has been added to the top 10 technology companies in the United States of America

Physical Appearance of David Baszucki

David Suzuki is 59 years old and has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, yet he weighs somewhere between 90 kilograms to 94 kilograms. Along with his business, he has always made sure to take care of his apparent looks and maintained a body figure between 48 shoulders/chest, 42 waists, and 18-inch bicep size. Moreover, his eyes are Hazel brown, and he has Grey hairs that were initially dark brown. 

Height: 5’ 11” (in feet)
Weight: 94 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 48-42-18 inches
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Grey


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