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David Katzman

David Katzman is a famous personality in the business field. He begins his career in a club field, and with years of devotion, he becomes the Chairman and CEO of Smile Direct club. He was born in America in 1961. Further, we will discuss his net Worth and personality type. 

David Katzman Biography And Net Worth

Full NameDavid Katzman 
Birth Date12 January 1961
Age63 years old
ProfessionCEO and Chairman at Smile Direct Club
WifeNatalie Kotkin 
Net Worth$3.5 billion
David Katzman

What is the personality of David Katzman? 

David has a charming personality and a big heart when it comes to his family. As he didn’t open up about them much, he always is on their side when they were needed. He has a helping hand and a soft heart. 

Initial education of David Katzman:

Dr. David Katzman procured from Michigan University. He has been a meeting teacher at University College, Dublin (Ireland), the University of Birmingham (England), Tokushima University (Japan), the University of Hong Kong, and Kobe University. 

Family belongings of David Katzman:

He was born in America, but nobody knows about his family. However, we explore that he is living in Nashville, Tennessee. In past years, Katzman’s son and his son’s friend started the company in 2014. He married Natalie, a famous personality and social organizer. His investment firm, Camelot Venture Group, provided initial funding for SmileDirectClub. Also, he invested in direct-to-consumer companies like Quicken Loans and 1-800-Contacts.

Awards won by David Katzman:

He has distributed various books on these points, including Seven Days every Week: Women and Domestic Service in Industrializing America (1978, 1981); co-manager with William Tuttle of Plain Folk: The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans (1982); co-writer of Three Generations in Twentieth-Century America. 

Accomplishments, achievements, and career of David Katzman: 

In 2002 he was a Fulbright teacher in American Studies in Japan. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, a Ford Foundation Fellow, and the beneficiary of two NEH Fellowships. David Katzman is an individual from Phi Beta Kappa and a chosen Fellow of the Society of American Historians. 

David Katzman was the 2002 beneficiary of the Ned N. Fleming Trust Award for Excellence in Teaching. Teacher Katzman’s examination and showing center around American culture and race, nationality, personality, work, relocation, and the local area. 

Net Worth carrying by David Katzman:

David Katzman owns over maximum units in Smile Direct Club Stock. According to Forbes, he estimated to get $10,314,509 from his stock exchange. He almost yearns for 3.5 billion dollars. 

David Katzman

Body dimension carried by David Katzman:

  • He has a hot personality, and he is 5’9″ tall.
  • He has brown hair and hazel brown eyes.
  • He looks attractive in every stylish outfit.
  • David is a fitness lover, and his body weight is 75 kg. 

Specifications of David Katzman:

He said in the interview that if you are lucky and have the courage to seek your dreams, you can do anything in this making. Making money is not easy but dreaming it off is easy. So go beyond your expectations of seeking your dreams come true!

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 75 kg
Figure Measurement: 34-34-28 inches
Eye Color: Hazel brown
Hair Color: Brown


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