Donald Trump Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Donald Trump

Donald John Trump is the 45th President of America, born in NYC, United States, in 1946, and is the richest politician in the world.

Trump went to Kew Forest School till his eighth grade, then he got admission into Military Academy based in New York the year he entered teenage, and spent nine years over there away from family with being trained and disciplined. 

Later, he enrolled in Fordham University and graduated in Business studies. 

Donald Trump Biography and Net Worth

Full Name       Donald John Trump
Birth Date       June 14, 1946
Age                 76 years old (in 2022)
Birthplace       New York, USA
Profession       Politician, Businessman, Internet Personality
Wife                Melania Trump
Net Worth       $3 Billion


Donald Trump

Donald Trump Family

Donald Trump was the second last kid in the Trump family and is the son of Mr. Christ Trump, who is a famous real estate businessman dealing with several law cases and more. His mother assisted most of the years to his husband and then she became the community owner in her social circle.

All his siblings are well settled and educated, his elder brother is a pilot, and one of his sisters serves as a Judge with exceptional skills and justice.

Professional Career

After graduation, Trump immediately took hold of his father’s business by managing and expanding it across the United States. In his late 20s, he was considered the most mindful businessman with many approaches. 

In 1971, he achieved the presidency of his father’s company, and his shares were automatically increased in the company. Besides being an exceptional author, his maximum reads are either related to business or humourous. He has fifteen best sellers in California and Los Angeles, and his award-winning book is “The Art of Deal.”

Then Donald Trump stepped into the television market and produced two of the most viewed live shows for seven years; and also often appears in random reality shows on demand.

In 1990 Trump designed his political party with some incredible and mindful personalities. After many hardships, campaigns, and struggles, he won the Presidency of the United States of America in June 2016 with 60 million plus votes. 

Who is Donald Trump’s Wife/Girlfriend?

Donald Trump has been married to Melania Trump since 2005 and has a son with her named Barron Trump. She is a Slovenian model and an educated millionaire. 

Trump has married thrice, and his longest marriage was with Ivana Zelnickova, which lasted for 25 years.

Donald Trump

Net worth of Donald Trump 

Forbes has stated Trump is the richest politician, with an exact net worth of $3 Billion. Trump has been working for five decades in different careers. Currently, he has $300 million in the form of liquid cash, $750 million worth of his Gold properties, and an Organization of $500 million worth of his New York Private residence, including the penthouse, and the rest of them is invested in real estate businesses that are generating passively.


Donald Trump has received Humanitarian Award, President’s Medal for Youth Programs in 1995, Unicorns Children’s Star Award in 2008, Palm Tree Award, Presidential Hero Award in 2010, Commandant’s Leadership in 2015, and Financial Times Person of the Year in 2016.

All his awards are either for his business strategies or his services to States. 


The biggest achievement of Donald Trump is his journey revolving around his entrepreneurship to the American White House with the support of millions through democracy.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’ 2” (in feet)
Weight: 109 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 48-42-16 inches
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde


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