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Fabian Thylmann

German businessman Fabian Thylmann was born on June 5th, 1978. The Internet pornographic conglomerate Manwin was founded by him, and he served as its managing partner (now MindGeek). He sold his stock in the business in October 2013, while it was still the biggest provider of pornography in the world.

Fabian Thylmann Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$300M
Birth Date5th June 1978
ProfessionAngel investor Entrepreneur
Fabian Thylmann

Fabian Thylmann Early Life

Dusseldorf is where Thylmann was born. He started computer programming at the age of 17. His big break came in the late 1990s when he created the program NATS. It made it possible for website owners to monitor user clicks on links and adverts so they could be compensated. Thylmann acquired other Internet pornographic businesses with the money he gained from NATS.

Fabian Thylmann Career

He founded Manwin in March 2010 after purchasing Mensef and Interclub. Manwin purchased a number of pornographic websites, including Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTube, Brazzers, Twistys.com, and Mofos.

Pornhub.com and its associated assets. Such as Brazzers, were purchased by Thylmann in 2010 for $140 million. Mansel’s name was altered by Thylmann after the takeover. To Manwin, it was a pun on the founders of Pornhub’s last names. Manwin received more than $360 million from Clobeck Capital in 2011 and then went on a buying frenzy for adult properties.

While MindGeek is technically located in Luxembourg. Its main operations are conducted there. More than 1,400 people work for the corporation globally for a variety of properties and subsidiaries. At its height, Fabian Thylmann’s websites had more than 16 billion monthly views. His annual sales exceeded $400 million.

  • Extradition and Indictment

Thylmann was returned to Germany from Belgium in December 2012 after being accused of tax evasion. Despite purportedly denying evading taxes, he did not object to the extradition order.

He was charged with tax evasion by the federal prosecutor in Cologne, Germany, in April 2015. When he paid 5 million euros, the accusations were dismissed. Another case still involves him and a suspended sentence.

Fabian Thylmann

Arrest and Tax Evasion Charges

He was detained in Belgium in December 2012 and sent back to Germany as a result of allegations. He didn’t pay taxes on the money he made running his enterprise as an adult. Fabian swore to defend the tax prosecution and denied doing anything wrong. Fabian was compelled to pay senior management $100 million for his share in the business. When he consented to pay $5 million in overdue taxes and penalties, the allegations against him were withdrawn.

Fabian Thylmann Net Worth

German internet businessman Fabian Thylmann has a $300 million fortune. The founder and former CEO of the pornographic website conglomerate Manwin, Fabian Thylmann, acquired his wealth in this capacity. MindGeek is the current name for it.


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