Gaby and Alex A British YouTube channel named Gaby and Alex is popular among kids

Gaby and Alex

A British YouTube channel named Gaby and Alex is popular among kids. The channel has a total of 351 videos published and has received a combined 7.9 billion views. 17 million people subscribe to this channel. They make videos together with their mother Sabine, Gabrielle, and Alex, also known online as Gaby and Alex (formerly known as Toys and Little Gaby), are English YouTube stars. She and her brother upload toy and game videos, sing-alongs, DIY projects, and challenges to their joint YouTube channel.

Gaby and Alex :

Country             United Kingdom
Net Worth                   $10 million
Created                           5 Oct 2012
Views                           7.86B
Subscribers                 17.10M
Owners                      Gabrielle and Alex


Gabrielle Vilumsone aka Gaby is a British YouTuber born on November 4, 2014, in England. Together with her elder brother Alex, Gabriella is the face of the YouTube channel, Alex and Gaby. In the 2016 video, eight years Gaby made her YouTube debut with the video “GO BUCKETS! Gaby is having fun with her bubble toy.” Gaby’s zodiac sign is scorpion as she is born in November. Blue-colored eyes Gaby is earning millions of dollars from YouTube and brand endorsements.  


Alex Vilumsone aka Alex is a British YouTuber born on October 5, 2013, in northern England in a Christian family. He is the elder brother of Gaby and the face of their famous channel “Alex and Gaby.” For the nine years old Alex has had Libra as his birth sign. Creating pretend play films, singing adorable baby tunes, and using fun kid-friendly toys is something Alex truly enjoys doing. Additionally, Gaby and Alex enjoy doing experiments and challenges for children

About Gaby and Alex YouTube channel

Their 30-year-old mother Sabine, who is originally from Latvia, founded the channel ten years ago and currently manages it full-time. It offers to “perform pretend play for kids, kid’s challenges, playing with kids toys and other activities” and is devoted to “kids enjoyment.” The colorful videos show Gaby and Alex playing games and opening toys all around their house. With a cheery soundtrack playing in the background, Gaby and Alex step into the bathtub wearing lovely swimming suits, play with toys, and wash their hair.

The number one YouTube channel in Britain, according to the digital analytics firm Social Blade, is Gaby and Alex, which has more subscribers than the CBeebies or Cartoon Network channels. Although Sabine refuses to say how much money it has made so far, the firm, which monitors the performance of 23 million channels, estimated that its earnings may be well over $10 million. She did, however, acknowledge that the family is considering improving their modest suburban home in light of the channel’s $10 million monthly revenue.

Gaby and Alex’s Net Worth

Gaby and Alex has an estimated Net worth of $16 million. The major activities featured in the content are toy reviews, surprise egg opening, balloon popping, and other games and activities.

How much Gaby and Alex earn

As of 2022, the channel has over 22 million subscribers and is increasing quickly. It has already received over 5 billion views. It can average 6 million views each day, which should be enough to bring about $30,000 per day in expected revenue from the films’ adverts (or $11 million annually).

After YouTube deducts its part, YouTubers receive $2 to $7 for every 1000 monetized views. The percentage of views that are paid for varies from 40% to 80% of all views.


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