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Gary Pyton

Gary Dwayne Payton Sr. known as Gary Payton is a former professional basketball player from the United States. Payton played with the Seattle Super Sonics for 13 years during his outstanding career. Gary Payton has set lots of franchise marks during his time period in Basketball for a variety of feats, including overall points, assists, and steals. Due to his exceptional defensive ability, Gary rapidly acquired the moniker “The Glove.”

Gary Pyton Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                  $50 M
Full Name                   Timothy Theodore Duncan
Birth Date                  July 23, 1968
Age                              54 years
Birthplace                  Oakland, California, US
Profession                 Basketball Player
Girlfriend                   Monique James
Gary Pyton

Gary Payton Early Life

On July 23, 1968, Gary Dwayne Payton Sr. was born in Oakland, California and raised in Oakland also. He first met Greg Foster, who would later play basketball in the NBA, when they were both in high school. Unfortunately, his poor academic performance in his sophomore year led to his ineligibility to play for the squad. He improved his grades once more with the assistance of his father, rejoining the squad. Payton enrolled in Oregon State University after completing high school. Gary developed into one of the greatest basketball players the school had ever seen during this time, shattering countless records and taking home many titles.

Gary Payton Career

During the NBA draft in 1990, Payton was chosen by the Seattle SuperSonics. By 1991, Gary was routinely posting triple-doubles and dishing out a ton of assists, proving that he was a wise option for the Sonics. For more than 12 seasons, this would go on, and by his later years, he was regarded as a crucial component in the so-called “Sonic Boom.” He took home the NBA Defensive Player of the Year honor in 1996. He also took home the Olympic gold medal in that year, a feat he would repeat in 2000. Gary assisted the Sonics in advancing to the NBA Finals in 1996 as well.

Payton committed to a one-year deal with the Miami Heat in 2005, where he would play for the team for the final two years of his career. When Miami defeated Dallas, he won his lone NBA championship thanks to this choice. Payton agreed to a second $1.2 million one-year deal with the Heat in 2006, but this would be his final campaign in the NBA. Before he finally retired, Gary was able to break several records thanks to this season.

Gary Pyton

Gary Payton Wife

Monique James and Payton were wed on July 26, 1997 and they separated later. Monique and Payton had three kids, together Gary II, Julian, and Raquel, while residing in Oakland and Las Vegas.

Gary Payton Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Gary Payton is $50 million as of 2022. Gary Payton made the amount of $104 million almost in pay alone throughout the course of his career. Payton is also thought to have greatly increased his income over the years by signing a number of brand endorsement contracts.

Gary Payton Height and Weight

Height                            6’4”
Weight                           86kg
Eye Color                       Brown
Hair Color                      Bald


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