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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a chef who belongs to England and his restaurants have achieved a total of Michelin Stars awards almost 16 times. From his childhood, Gordon Ramsay wants to become a football player but his sudden injury makes him disappointed to achieve his goal of football. That was the time when Gordon Ramsay again enrolled back in the institution for completing the degree of management of hotels. Gordon Ramsay is also awarded to be trained with the world’s best chefs during that time including Marco Pierre White and Albert Roux in London and Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy in France.

After completing his degree, he became the head chef of the institution “Aubergine” which was given the Michelin 2 stars in the little duration of three years. The name of Gordon Ramsay’s first own restaurant is “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” and after that, he opened a series of the restaurant all over the world in a row. Then he started participating in the reality show and became a reality star in the whole world.

Gordon Ramsay Biography and Net Worth:

Full nameGordon James Ramsay
Tag nameGordon Ramsay
Date of birtheighth of November 1966
Age55 years
Zodiac signScorpio
ProfessionChef, TV, and social media star
Marital statusMarried

Biography of Gordon Ramsay:

Gordon Ramsay is international specie who is famous for his unique cooking recipes and Succeeded in restaurants and also on social media and television due to his reality show personality and the TikTok star. Gordon Ramsay took birth on the eighth of November 1966 and according to this, now Gordon Ramsay is 55 years old and active personality. As Gordon Ramsay took birth in November, therefore according to astrology his zodiac sign of Gordon Ramsay is Scorpio. His family was situated in Johnston, Scotland, United Kingdom when he took birth.

Family background and belongings of Gordon Ramsay:

The father’s name of Gordon Ramsay is Gordon James Sr. and the mother’s name is Helen Cosgrove. Gordon Ramsay has three siblings named Ronnie Ramsay, Diane Ramsay, and Yvonne Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay gets married to Tana Ramsay in the year of 1996. Both Gordon Ramsay and Tana have seven kids named are:

  • Holly Anna Ramsay
  • Jack Scott Ramsay
  • Mathilda Elizabeth Ramsay
  • Matilda Ramsay
  • Megan Jane Ramsay
  • Megan Ramsay
  • Oscar Ramsay

The career of Gordon Ramsay:

  • When he was nineteen years old, He became serious about his career. Gordon Ramsay enrolled himself in the “North Oxford Shire Technical College” for completing qualification of culinary.
  • In the 1980s Gordon Ramsay worked at “Wickham Arms” and “Wroxton House Hotel” and then migrated to London and worked in a number of restaurants.
  • Gordon Ramsay worked at “Harveys: for two years for temperamental Marco Pierre.
  • Gordon Ramsay worked at “Le Gavroche” for Albert Roux with the reference of White.
  • After that Gordon Ramsay was invited to work in “Hotel Diva” by Roux. Then Gordon Ramsay migrated towards Paris.
  • Gordon Ramsay then initiate to work as a private chef at “Yacht Idle wild” that was situated in Bermuda.
  • Gordon Ramsay went back to London in 1993 and offered a head position of chefs with the 10% shares in the restaurant named “Ross more” which after some time was renamed “Auber guide”. In 1998, Gordon Ramsay left this restaurant for the sake of opening his restaurant.
  • After 1998, In a time period of fifteen years, he became succeeded to form a long chain and series of restaurants honored by Gordon Ramsay in different countries locations like Tokyo, Glasgow, Ireland, Florida, New York City, and Los Angeles, and Dubai.

Personal life of Gordon Ramsay:

Gordon Ramsay married in the year of 1996 with the Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson Alias Tana who a school teacher who was having training by Montessori. Currently, Gordon Ramsay along with his wife and children are residents of Battersea, South London.  

The net worth of Gordon Ramsay:

Gordon Ramsay is a short-tempered but most liked chef that is earning a net worth of 190 million dollars. Gordon Ramsay earns 225000 dollars for every episode of his reality show on Television and except for this, he earns 10 million dollars from social media and his entire restaurant.

Apparent looks of Gordon Ramsay:

Gordon Ramsay is a heightened person who has a height of six feet and two inches (6’2″) and according to this height, the weight of Gordon Ramsay is 85 kilograms.

Now Gordon Ramsay is fifty-five years old gentle-man but still, he looks attractive and loved by the population. Gordon Ramsay owns blonde-shaded hair and Gray-shaded beautiful eyes.

Weight85 kilogram
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorGray


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