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Hina Aagha

Hina Altaf Khan, age 30, is a Pakistani television actress, presenter, and former video jockey. She is also known as Hina Aagha. She was born in Karachi on January 2, 1992. Her $2 million net Worth is a result of her outstanding skills in acting. She married actor Aagha Ali in 2020.

Hina Aagha Biography and Net Worth

Full NameHina Altaf Khan
Birth DateJanuary 2, 1992
Age30 years
ProfessionActor, Presenter, Video Jockey
HusbandAagha Ali
Net Worth$2 million
Hina Aagha

What is the personality of Hina Aagha? 

Hina Agatha, a television actress who has been in the field for a while, has established a unique niche for herself. The stunning woman became well known for her sense of humour. In a recent interview, the celebrity discussed her feelings about not connecting with people in her professional life. She feels detached from people and is reluctant to communicate with them. 

She favours a simple lifestyle and dresses in generally casual, natural, and minimal makeup. She maintains her fashion statement neat and straightforward and isn’t overly concerned with jewellery or makeup. However, Hina is fantastic at casual elegance and extensive makeovers when the occasion calls for glitz.

Hina frequently refers to her love of food and her love of travelling. She enjoys the travel component of her profession and is constantly eager to travel and explore whenever the chance arises. She also posts lovely images of delicious cuisine, and fast food, which she enjoys eating.

Initial education of Hina Aagha:

Hina was born in bread in Karachi, a metropolitan city on the coast of Pakistan. Hina attended the Beacon House School System for her early education. She then enrolled at IQRA University to finish her undergraduate studies.

Family belonging of Hina Aagha:

Hina Altaf opened up about her life on the popular YouTube program “Rewind with Sameena.” She spoke there about her complicated relationship with her family. Her mother raised their children when her father passed away. This happened when she was a very kid. Later, Hina and her mother had a lot of disagreements because of Hina’s mother’s psychological disorder, which led to Hina’s decision to leave the house and become independent. She experienced depression during the procedure, which Dr Alam assisted her in overcoming. She admires Dr Alam so much that she got his name tattooed on her. She has a close relationship with him and regards him as her father and mentor.

On May 22, 2020, Hina married Aagha Ali in a small ceremony attended by friends and family. After working on a project together called “dil-e-gumshuda,” they realized they were the ideal choice for one other’s lives and later cited it as such.

Awards won by Hina Aagha:

Hina Aagha was the famous runner-up show “VJ Hunt” on MTV Pakistan. She awakened the passion for VJ among Pakistani youngsters. She later pursued her acting career, where she played her most famous role, “Misal.” People loved to see her on screen. 

She has 6.6 million followers on Instagram and will soon hit 7 million. Thanks to her skill and fame, now she is involved in multiple movie projects as the main lead. 

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Hina Aagha: 

Hina Altaf began working early to support and assist her family. Her brother was completing his studies at the time, while her mother was battling a mental ailment.

Hina Altaf’s television career began with the program on MTV Pakistan “VJ Hunt: and finished as the show’s runner-up. Later, she appeared as a VJ in other television programs, but she stole the show with her program Breaking Weekend.” She spoke candidly with each of her guests during the broadcast. In addition to working as a VJ, she participated in numerous fashion projects. She walked the runway for practically all the prominent designers in the nation.

With the 2015 drama “Maryam Kasay Jeey” from ARY Digital, Hina Altaf made her acting debut. Alongside Sana Askari Shagufta Ejaz, Imran Aslam, and Hassan Ahmed, Hina portrayed Maryam in the show. She earned positive feedback from viewers for the outstanding acting she did in the program.

Later, Hina Altaf appeared in drama series like “Judaai and Madventures (season 2),” but it was “Ek Thi Misaal,” where she played the role of “Misaal.” She then played the lead in several hugely successful dramas. In 2019, Kashif Saleem’s telefilm Judai marked Hina Altaf’s feature film debut. She later appeared in the movies Love Siyapaa and Terry Pyar Mai, directed by Saima Waseem.

Hina Aagha

Net Worth carrying by Hina Aagha:

One of Pakistan’s highest-paid and most well-liked actresses is Hina Altaf. Our estimates place Hina Altaf’s net Worth somewhere around $2 million. She worked hard and has excellent acting talent, which is why she succeeded. She has walked for all of Pakistan’s top designers. She is working on numerous projects, which suggests a successful future.

Body dimension carried by Hina Aagha:

  • Hina, a well-known Pakistani actress, and VJ are 5 feet 4 inches tall. 
  • She has a 52 kg weight
  • Her waist, hips, and bust measure 26, 34, and 33 inches.
  • This stunning woman frequently adheres to a strict workout program to stay in shape. 
  • She also talked about how she observes what she eats and always chooses healthy options. 
  • On special days, she foregoes her routines.

Specifications of Hina Aagha:

Pakistan is where Hina was born and raised. She has dark brown eyes and long black hair and is stunning. Her husband is Aagha Khan. They have a wonderful life together. On her YouTube channel, she publishes vlogs and co-hosts a couple’s program with her spouse.

Physical Appearance:

Height:  5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 52 kg
Figure Measurement: 33-26-34 inches
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black


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