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Hodge twins

Keith and Kevin Hodge are twin brothers who perform stand-up comedy and conservative political commentary as The Hodge twins, also known as the Conservative Twins. The twins initially worked as YouTubers before branching out to perform live stand-up comedy events in 2016. They attended VidCon 2016, and according to The Root, they were the third-best black creators there. Their own clothing and supplement brand has helped them establish themselves as rising stars in the entertainment industry.

Hodge Twins Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                         $2.5 M
Full Names                         Keith and Kevin
Birth Date                          17 September 1975
Age                                      46 years
Birthplace                          Martinsville, Virginia, USA.
Profession                         Fitness Model and YouTube Stars, Comedians
Hodge Twins

Hodge Twins Early Life

On 17 September 1975 in Martinsville, Virginia, United States, Keith, and Kevin Hodge were born. They had an older brother and sister and were the youngest of the siblings. The twins experienced extreme poverty as children and have shared stories on their YouTube channel about how they occasionally felt hopeless because of having nothing. Thus, they frequently turned to shoplift. Ironically, they eventually found employment where their primary responsibility was to catch shoplifters. From their earliest years, the Hodge twins were gifted with the capacity to amuse audiences. They claimed to be “those guys that always made people laugh.” They did not consider making a career out of this obvious talent while they were young.

At first, they pursued careers in both the U.S. Marine Corps and banking. However, Keith soon concluded that this was not what he intended to pursue for the rest of his life. He advised Kevin to leave their corporate careers as a result and take a chance on a career in the entertainment business. They started creating YouTube skits in 2008 because they wanted to pursue comedy. They eventually made the decision to change their bodies, which inspired them to start posting videos about relationships, fitness, and other topics. The twins established themselves as go-to experts on fitness by frequently posting updates on their physical development.

Hodge Twins Career

The Hodge twins quickly rose to internet celebrities as their popularity increased. They are renowned for creating entertaining videos together where they interacted amicably and coined a number of well-known catchphrases. The brothers then began to discuss other subjects. Observations on current affairs, candid pictures, video commentary, etc. By 2014, The Hodge twins had achieved global acclaim and were gaining a sizable following each month. They began to participate in small-scale TV programs and some advertisements, which helped them, establish their image and launch a clothing line.

The total number of subscribers for all of their channels is in the millions. YouTube channel The Hodge twins has 1.36 million subscribers with 238 million views. Conservative Twin channel has 2 million subscribers, ask Hodge twins has 1.5 million subscribers, Hodge Twins has 2.34 million subscribers, and Hodge Twins exclusive has 600k+ subscribers. The Hodge twins have a number of YouTube channels where they discuss politics, offer fitness advice, vlog, try out new fast food alternatives, and give relationship advice. Keith’s daughter also has a channel on their page. The schedule for the twins’ regular comedy tours is available on their website, and they have done some acting.

Hodge Twins Achievements

The Hodge twins, who were featured on the cover of Train magazine, are International Sports Sciences Association-certified trainers. They appeared as guests on “The Fighter” and “the Kid” comedy podcasts. They are the fourth-best fitness YouTube channel, according to CheatSheet. They have performed on tours in the UK and Australia and their No Filter tour were in 2016. The Hodge twins, who support Donald Trump, have featured on his webcast Real News Update. The twins are against the Black Lives Matter movement. The Hodge brothers wrote two of the George Floyd protests-related Facebook posts that got the most attention. On the several shows hosted by conservative comic Steven Crowder, they frequently appear.

Hodge Twins

Hodge Twins Wives

In 2000, Keith and Elizabeth tied the knot, and they are still together today. Additionally, they share three kids as they do have an older daughter and two younger boys, according to Elizabeth’s older Twitter account. In 2017, Keith announced on social media that his wife had become a citizen of the United States.

Kevin, however, is not too open about his personal life. All that is known about Kevin is that he and his wife are married and have been for a very long time. They also have four kids together. In 2017, Kevin’s wife also became an American citizen, just like Keith, and she posted about it on social media. It has thought that the wives of Kevin and Keith are both of Mexican descent.

Hodge Twins Net Worth

The majority of Kevin and Keith’s wealth came from YouTube advertisements and over 1.2 billion views across all of their YouTube channels to date equals about $3 million in earnings before taxes. They also performed on comedy tours across the country and served in the Marine Corps. On their website, the twins market vitamins, hoodies, and beard care items. They also published a children’s book with the title “More Than Spots & Stripes.” So Hodge Twins, an American stand-up comedy pair, have an estimated net worth of about $2.5 million.


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