Jay Riecke Louisiana Gas Monkey Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Jay Riecke Net Worth

Jay Riecke Louisiana Gas Monkey Biography is a U.S. based businessman. He is famous for his love for automobiles. He is a reality TV personality and has appeared on various shows featuring cars. His best-known appearances include Fast ‘N’ Loud and Gas Monkey Garage.

Jay Riecke Louisiana Gas Monkey Biography and Net Worth

Net worth $70 million 
Full NameJay Riecke  
Birth Year1957
Age55 years
Birthplace Louisiana, United States 
ProfessionBusinessman, Reality TV personality

Jay Riecke Early Life

Jay Riecke was born in Louisiana in 1957. After completing his high school education, he joined Louisiana State University. In 1994, he completed his education and graduated from the university.

After completing his educationHe started working in his family business. His family owned a real estate company and a construction business.

Career in Construction

When his studies were completed, He joined the family owned construction company. Initially, he worked in small capacity in the company. However, after working there for some time, he started taking over the company. Currently, the Louisiana based construction company is owned and run by Jay Riecke.

The development and construction company is known for designing, acquiring, and building several commercial as well as residential projects. The company is also known for developing various industrial areas throughout the Gulf South. Jay Riecke is known for earning his net worth and millionaire status through his construction business.

Jay Riecke Career as TV personality

He is known for his passion for cars and is often described as a car enthusiast. Jay became quite famous after his appearance on Discovery Channel reality shows. He has appeared on Fast ‘N’ Loud as well as on Gas Monkey Garage.

Gas Monkey Garage

The show ‘Gas Monkey Garage’ is hosted by Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann. These two are car lovers and are known for resigning and fixing cars. They travel to distant parts of the country in research of forgotten and derelict classic cars. They take these cars and restore and transform them at their Gas Monkey Garage. Fast ‘N’ Loud is the show with same premises.

Riecke is a famous guest star of the show. He is known for his unreasonable and time sensitive car requests on the show. The challenges and requests he puts forth are what makes the reality show very interesting and suspenseful. In addition to this, Jay doesn’t shy away from spending money on the show in order to get the cars he wants. In one of the show’s episode, he asked the crew to create him a replica of a Knight Rider car. Jay gave them 2 weeks to do so. He stated he wanted to celebrate his birthday with the car. He paid 50,000 dollars up front for the car. Jay Riecke owns various kinds of exotic as well as classic cars.

Jay Riecke

Net Worth

Jay is currently the owner of his family owned construction and development company. He is involved in running the business and over the years, Riecke has been able to amass quite a net worth. With a successful construction company and as a reality tv personality, Riecke has achieved a net worth of 70 million dollars.


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