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Joko Wi

Joko Widodo is the most famous personality of all time. He is famous as Jokowi and the best politician and businessman in Indonesia. He is the seventh president of Indonesia and was born on 21 June 1961. He is not from a political family and was first time elected as the president in 2014. He was also the leader of Surakarta from 2005-to 12 and governor of Jakarta from 2012-to 14. Before his career as a politician, he was a famous businessman. 

Joko Wi Biography and Net Worth:

Full NameJoko Widodo 
Birth Date21 June 1961
Age60 years
ProfessionPolitician, engineer and entrepreneur 
WifeIriana Joko Widodo 
Net Worth$3.4 Million

What is the personality of Joko Widodo? 

Joko is the best person and politician with a guardian personality. He is a very practical, authentic and independent person. His personality is ISTJs, which is a very famous personality type in Indonesia, and almost 1/3 of the population is of this type. It is also the main type in politics and the business industry. 

Initial education of Joko Widodo:

He took his initial education from several schools. Then he got admitted to the Gadjah University in 1985 to complete his graduation in forest engineering. He also has worked for many years in the pulp mill in the area of Northern Sumatra. 

Then he established his factor of furniture in Surakarta. In 2002, he became a well-known furniture exporter throughout the world. He also had showrooms on many continents and is the chairman of a local branch of the best furniture industry. 

Family belonging of Joko Widodo:

Joko was born in Surakarta and was also raised there. This city is in the middle of Yogyakarta. The father of Joko sells wood, and he trades it in the streets. Then he became a politician and tried to move to the best areas for the humble beginnings. 

Awards won by Joko Widodo:

Joko is the president of Indonesia that has been elected. The results showed that he won the elections over the strong man. The opponent affiliated with the Islamic lines and also challenged the results of elections to the court. 

When Joko became the president, then he focused on organization, introducing and restarting many programs. He aimed to enhance the connection of the Indonesian people. After taking administration, he focused on the independence of Indonesia. He also has prescribed punishment for smugglers and other criminals. Then he was again elected in 2019 for 5 years. 

Accomplishment, achievements and career of Joko Widodo: 

Widodo is the 1st president of Indonesia that is not from a military and political background. He is from a modest family in Indonesia. The father of Joko owned the business furniture that was not enough to meet the needs of the family. His father tried his best to put him in the University for Graduation in forestry. When Joko completed his graduation, then he worked for 3 years in forestry services. 

Joko was the leader of Surakarta and the governor of Jakarta in 2012. He was a successful mayor, and he had a close connection with his constituents. He has worked to provide many services to the Indonesian people. He has started the public transport and healthcare system and has strong business relationships. Further, he always ignores corruption and nepotism. So, he is considered the clean politician of Indonesia. 

He has been very successful in her career as a politician. His success continued as the best governor of Jakarta. The reason for his success is the reformations in education, transportation, tradition and the food industry. 

Net Worth carrying by Joko Widodo:

In 2018, its net income of Joko was almost 50.25 billion ($3.5 million). The income was in the form of properties in Central Java and Jakarta.

Body dimension carry by Joko Widodo: 

  • He has maintained his body weight from around 50-55kg.
  • He appears stunning in every dress, along with his black hair.
  • Although he is not so stylish, he has maintained his presence in society.
  • He is identical to many people, but he is known for his expertise. 

Specifications of Joko Widodo:

Joko is well known today because he was the re-elected president of Indonesia in 2019. He won 55.5% votes, and now he will attempt his next term in 2024. An opponent of Joko questioned the Islamic identifications from Joko. So, he selected Ma’ruf as the leader of the Indonesian council. He was the most famous leader of the Ulema council. 

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 55 kg
Figure Measurement: 32-34-29 inches
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black


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