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Linda Dong

Leenda Dong known as the TikTok super star belong to Canada. Now Leenda Dong is a social media influencer and her journey toward Social media influence was initiated when she started up a YouTube channel and creates videos for her self-titled channel.

In the initial stage, Leenda Dong creates her YouTube channel and shares her videos with her friends. In even beginning, her sixth video which was created by a woman for breaking up gained a lot of attention from the viewers. Due to this, she started coming into the goof books of the social media population. Leenda Dong does not stop her journey here but continues and now she became a well-known personality on TikTok and YouTube channel.

Linda Dong Biography and Net Worth:

Net worth 5 Million dollars
Name Linda Dong
Age 30 years old
Birthplace Canada
Gender Female

Biography of Leenda Dong:

Leenda Dong is a social media sensation that belongs to Canada. Leenda Dong is the production of a well-settled business-oriented family.

She opened her eyes on December eleventh, 1992 and according to 2022, now Leenda Dong is 30 years old beautiful and charming girl. Leenda Dong owns the Canadian nationality.

What are the professions of Leenda Dong?

Leenda Dong was interested in the fashion and the formation of videos from her childhood. She started taking part and playing important role in activities in her high school. This is the reason that Leenda Dong initiates her TikTok account and emerges in social media as a social media sensation.

Leenda Dong is a social media influencer especially a TikTok influencer in the world of social media. She is performing modeling and taking part in advertisements in different countries.

Leenda Dong also runs her self-made clothing brand named “Phuc Bich Family”.

What is the educational background of Leenda Dong?

Leenda Dong was a brilliant student in education. This is evidenced by her outstanding grades of her in high school. After her great schooling, she took admitted to the US State University and completed her Bachelor’s from there.

What is the family background of Leenda Dong?

The names of the parents are not revealed by Leenda Dong on social media platforms. But she is blessed with two sibling sisters named Kelly and Liselle.

What are the social media accounts of Leenda Dong?

The social media accounts of Leenda Dong are as follows:

  1. TikTok account: @yoleendadong
  2. Twitter account: @LeenfdaDong
  3. YouTube: LeendaDProductions

What is the Net worth of Leenda Dong?

Leenda Dong is earned from different social media platforms due to her unique and attractive content uploading and liked by the population on social media. The Net worth of Leenda Dong is around about one million to 5 million dollars according to 2022.

Relationship and dating of Leenda Dong:

Leenda Dong is now in a friendship relationship with a guy whose name is not revealed by her. She has strong coordination in her relationship with him. Social media does not find any issues or conflicts between them anyways. Both of them have another level of respect and care for each other. Marital status of Leenda Dong is single.

What are the apparent body measurements of Leenda Dong?  

Leenda Dong contains a tall and lean and curved body structure that is much charming and fascinating to the population on social media. Leenda Dong owns a milky complexion.

Leenda Dong contains black-shaded hair and brown-shaded mesmerizing eyes.

The height of Leenda Dong is five feet and eight inches and according to this height, she carries sixty-eight-kilogram height. This large weight is due to Leenda Dong’s heightened physique. The heightened and smart body measurements of Leenda Dong suit her very well.

The career of Leenda Dong:

Leenda Dong is the producer, editor, and director for her own social media activities like pictures and videos that she uploads on social media.

In the initial stage, Leenda Dong starts creating content on social media, but she only shares it with her friends. But with the time passing, her sixth video give break to her career and she reached the peak of success.

Leenda Dong is running a comedy channel along with some gaming channels.

Leenda Dong also works as a cast member for the show named “Role Models” and also performed hosting for another reality show “Machinima Dark Room”.

The success of Leenda Dong on social media:

Leenda Dong was given the tag for the TikTok star in 2021, but now she has gained much more attention from all other social media platforms also. Leenda Dong gained a huge number of Fans following and subscribers thousands and millions on her different social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Some less-known facts about Leenda Dong:

Following are some less-known facts about Leenda Dong:

  • Leenda Dong was Interested in games and used to play with her father.
  • Leenda Dong took her heritage from Chinese-Vietnamese.
  • Leenda Dong contains more than 17.1 million fans following her TikTok account.
  • Leenda Dong runs a clothing brand named “Phuc Bich Family”.


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