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Lochi is an illustrious SriLankan YouTuber. Her full name is Lochana Jayakodi. She is basically a Sri Lankan internet celebrity, YouTuber, dancer, model, actor and a Television presenter. She started her career in 2016 with prominent brand name Lochi. Later on, she became a very famous figure of social media not only on YouTube but also on TikTok. She made the entertaining videos in Sinhala language, that is the native language of SriLanka. The total videos count of Lochi on YouTube is 114.

Lochi Biography and Net Worth

CreatorLochana Jayakodi
Joining15 Oct,2016
LocationSri Lanka

About Lochi

Passion always takes you high and elevates you in your life. Lochi always wanted to become popular figure. She works as dancer before she started her career.Lochi Biography Many YouTube videos built the urge in Lochi to become the popular figure. She also had the intentions to become famous Sri Lankan internet celebrity. In 2016 she started making videos on songs and dancing videos on TiKTok. She created the TikTok account through the ‘Musically app’.


 Lochana started getting the constructive feedback from her followers.  After that in 2018, she started making comedy videos on TikTok through her profile titled as “Lochanajayakodi’. She made numerous dances, comedy, and lip-sync videos and through those videos she became a popular figure in social networks has gained over 850,000 followers. In 2018 she started making videos on YouTube along with Kelum Devanarayana. She released many comedy videos on YouTube and gained massive amount of subscribers and followers in very short period of time.


Lochi Popular Videos

Lochi is working on YouTube as well as on other Tv commercials. Her comedy videos are the reason of making the merriment mood of Sri Lankan youth and older people as well. She dramatized the scenario in a funny way in her videos. Her funny depiction of current ongoing things in her videos uplifts the mood of audience in a good way. Her famous video ‘System Change’ got 700K views and 36K likes, released one month ago.

Moreover, her video ‘Rocket Science’ crossed 634K views and received 27K likes. She exquisitely molds the real scenarios in amusing dramatized way in her videos and won the hearts of million of viewers. The way she made different parts of one serial always left the audience suspicious and increases their eagerness to wait for the next part. Lochi has gained much recognition in her early life in a very short period of time. By the end of May, 2021 Lochi magnificently surpassed 452,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Lochi Net Worth

Lochana Jayakodi commenced her YouTube journey by creating her channel and her current net worth is approximately $49.5 – $297K. Her estimated income in last seven days is $15.5K whereas the estimated income in last 30 days is $27K. Lochi has gained much fame through her created channel. Her blogs on YouTube counted as more than 131,843,856 views. In last 90 days the estimated income of Lochi through her YouTube channel is $39.5K.

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