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Jay, commonly known online as McCreamy, is a New Zealander YouTube comedian and competitive Fortnite player. He is well known for founding the xd clan and for posting videos of himself getting called out for “cheating.” McCreamy has 395k followers on both Instagram, and thousands of followers on Twitter and has a Twitch account. McCreamy has 8 million subscribers and 1 billion views on his YouTube channel.

McCreamy Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                           $6.46 Million
Full Name                     Jay
Birth Date                         01 Jul 1996
Age                                    26 years
Birthplace                          New Zealand
Profession                         YouTuber, Gamer
Girlfriend                           Anna

McCreamy Early Life


Jay aka McCreamy was born on July 1, 1996, in New Zealand. Jay is 26 years old as of 2022 and his birth sign is cancer. He received his early education in New Zealand with his family and later they moved to Australia, currently, he is living in Melbourne. No information about his family is available on the internet as he very private person. He loved games since he was a kid and he used to play online games so his passion turned into his profession.

McCreamy Career

On September 18, 2016, McCreamy launched his YouTube channel, and two days later, he posted his first video, titled “McCree Is Hard.” He became well-known for his humorous Overwatch “let’s Play.” Additionally, he has produced humorous Player Unknown Battlegrounds videos (PUBG). He was working on several projects with several other gamers during this time, some of whom are still his friends. He turned to Fortnite in December 2017 and rapidly developed a following for his “crazy” gaming and snipes.

He enlisted some of his friends, including Fitzy, Zuckles, TobyontheTele, and hanieldarrison, when he established the Fortnite clan xd in May 2018. The team takes pride in being the original trick shooting clan in Fortnite. They welcome everyone to join, but they tend to favour excellent players. To identify themselves as members of the clan, the clan members prefix their usernames with xd. Other streamers and gamers on YouTube, such as Myth, Tfue, FaZe Rug, RiceGum, Lachlan, FaZe Jaomock, and Dakotaz, are big fans of it.

When his YouTube channel was hacked in May 2022, it was the hardest time of his life, but with a lot of effort, he was able to regain control of it. He received a lot of assistance from Lachlan and Ali-a in reclaiming his YouTube channel. In addition to YouTube, McCreamy is a social media influencer with 395K Instagram followers, 589K Twitter followers, and 326K Twitch followers.

McCreamy Popular Videos

Fortnite’s Kinda Dying (Official Music Video)” is the most popular video on his channel with 65 million views. The second most popular video on the channel is “The ultimate Fortnite fashion show” with 35 million views.

Each of his videos currently receives millions of views. “Even my friends believe I’m cheating lol”, “you won’t regret watching this Fortnite video,” “10 minutes 41 seconds of Fortnite aimbot,” “she thought I was cheating…”, “I became a controller player”, “Big brain Fortnite moments”, “I busted every Fortnite myth” and “I got 70 kills in one game” are some of the most watched videos on his channel. Some other popular videos include “exposing anonymous player stats”, “how many kills can I get in 24 hours”, “this glitch makes you invincible”, “the ultimate stream snipper”, and “do not get anxiety challenge.”

McCreamy Controversy

McCreamy has been accused of cheating by multiple YouTubers due to his remarkable abilities as a gamer and video editor. Sometimes, even some of his friends suspect that he is lying. The accusations do not appear to bother jay. In fact, he makes use of it by giving his films titles like “everyone thinks we’re cheating xd” and “when two cheaters work together” in order to increase viewership.

McCreamy Girlfriend


Jay may have dated a number of girlies in the past when it comes to his romantic relationships. However, Jay himself has mentioned none of them. Now, Jay is dating Anna, an online celebrity. Anna referred to as “catypo“, is an online gamer and Youtuber. They feature in each other’s social media posts rather frequently and they are enjoying themselves a lot. The beautiful duo keeps on travelling and enjoying themselves in various locations. Seems like the couple will marry soon as they are in a relationship for more than 5 years.

McCreamy Net Worth

The estimated net worth of McCreamy is $6.46 approximately. It is possible that net worth exceeds $6.46 million. In fact, some estimations put McCreamy’s net worth as high as $9.05 million when taking into account all of the possible sources of revenue for a YouTuber. McCreamy reportedly makes $1.62 million annually. McCreamy’s YouTube channel averages 897.89 thousand views per day and roughly 26.94 million views per month. According to our calculations, McCreamy makes $107.75k every month, or $1.62m per year. On the high end, McCreamy might make up to $2.91 million annually. McCreamy probably has extra sources of income.


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