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Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas was born on the 24th of September, 1944, in Florida, United States of America. Michael comes from a well-established family with high standards. He has spent most of his earlier time in Los Angeles because of his parents’ work schedules as they belonged to Acting Industry.

Michael’s parents’ work ethic inspired him the most, which is why he was passionate and dreamt of becoming a part of the same career his parents belonged.

He went to Allen Stevenson School, where he completed both primary and high school with exemplary grades. Overall, Michael is a well-educated persona and has an exemplary record of high grades in his complete educational process. 

After high school, he went to American Place Theater College to study Art and Media because he was clearly focusing on his career and was positively desperate to learn and polish his inherited talent.

He got an offer from the University of California on a scholarship basis for higher education because he topped in his college. And along with his graduation, Michael started watching movies and used to go to his father’s sets to examine the environment, and he was so sharp to absorb things so fast.

Michael Douglas Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Michael Kirk Douglas
Birth Date        September 24, 1944
Age                  78 years old (in 2022)
Birthplace         Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Profession        Actor, Film-maker
Wife                 Catherine Zeta-Jones
Net Worth        $450 Million
Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas Family

Michael Douglas is the son of Kirk Douglas, who has a mind-blowing journey in the American Media Industry; Kirk was known to be one of the very first actors who started his acting career as a solo artist and have served for more than three decades.

Michael’s mother used to work as an assistant with the film director and has worked on sets for the longest time. Also, it has been famously said that Michael was the only child of his parents, and he did not have any siblings.

Professional Career of Michael Douglas

Michael has had the finest career and has touched the peak of his career in both filmmaking and acting. In his illustrious career, he has played some prominent roles in high-budget films. 

Michael made his debut on stage in 1966, and then later, he started with films and television on his own merit.

Some of the most famous and high profited films are;

  • Wall Street
  • Falling Down
  • Romancing
  • Black Rain
  • The Game 
  • Fattal Attraction

Along with the acting, he tried direction too, and unexpectedly Michael loved doing filmmaking and received success as well, biggest celebrities wanted to get casted in his films, and most of the rising actors made their debuts in Michael’s films.  

Who is Michael Douglas’s Wife/Girlfriend?

Michael is currently married to Catherine Zeta Jonas, whom he came to know in 1999. After a year, he proposed to her, and both decided to get married; they had a considerable age gap which was the major talk of the town at that time. 

Michael and Catherine have two children, and after their children, they got separated in 2013; however, after some time, they again got together. 

Before this, Douglas once got married and had five famous relationships; Michael wasn’t afraid of the paparazzi and was a bit too open in front of the media, which is why none of his dating spans is hidden.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas’s Net Worth and Assets

Michael Douglas has worked for more than fifty years in Hollywood, and through acting and filmmaking, he has made $450 million with other passive incomes. 

Currently, he resides in America and has multiple private properties, including flats, mansions, and luxurious cars. His car collection has a wide range of brands like; Rolls Royce, Phantom, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, etc.

Michael’s most famous property is in Bravely Hills, the most expensive location in the United States of America.


Michael Douglas has received numerous awards in several categories, that includes 5 Golden Global Awards, 2 Academy Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Cecil, and AFI Life Achievement Certifications.


Recently in 2015, Michael Douglas received the Genesis Award arranged by the Genesis Prize Foundation; throughout his donation period, Michael has given millions of donations and has been praised worldwide for his efforts for people.

On top of everything, after being the biggest donor, he is still considered one of the very few richest actors in the world with the highest net worth and assets.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 10” (in feet)
Weight: 76 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 40-38-16 inches
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Grey


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