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Miss Katy

Miss Katy is a YouTube toy review channel run by Katya Fedoruk, who is nine years old. She is a YouTuber and influencer from Russia. Her YouTube channel is one of the most popular for toy reviews. Miss Katy now has 21.8 million YouTube subscribers with 16 billion views. She is well-known for her work as a toy reviewer for a variety of products. Miss Katy is one of YouTube’s most well-known personalities.

Miss Katy Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth       $15.5 million
Full name            Katya Fedoruk
Date of Birth       February 1, 2013
Age                    9 years old
Birth Place      Odessa, Russia
Occupation      YoTuber, Influencer
Miss Katy

Miss Katy Early Life

Miss Katy was born in the Russian city of Odessa on February 1, 2013. Her brother, Mister Max, is also featured on her YouTube channel.

Katy’s father was in charge of the channel. Initially, he just made funny movies with his kids, but it quickly evolved into a family TV show that included Katy’s mother.

Katy started her YouTube channel when she was one year old, on November 17, 2014. Her first video, “Miss Katie’s First Video / The First Surprise in Life / Toy Review,” has received over 1.5 million views. Since then, the Channel has remained active, with a new video being uploaded every week.

Miss Katy Age

Katya Fedoruk Aka Miss Katy is nine years old as of 2022. Her birth sign is Aquarius as she was born in the month of February.

Miss Katy Brother Mister Max

Mister Max is one of several well-known kids who have become famous as a result of their YouTube videos. He is a young artist who has gained fame because to his YouTube channel, ‘Mister Max,’ which has 22.9 million subscribers. Mister Max’s father founded the YouTube channel Mister Max, which has a large following. The channel was launched in September 2014, when Mister Max was three years old. In addition, the channel features videos of toys being unboxed, product reviews for kids, shopping and outdoor activities, eating ice cream, and a variety of other fun material for kids.

Miss Katya Career

The lives of brother and Sister Maxim and Katya are the main focus of their content. Maxim and Katya both come up with video topic suggestions.

Unpacking and testing sweets and toys, shopping, and outside activities like as swimming in the pool, games, dining, and ice cream are just a few of the themes covered. In one popular story, the parents and their children travelled around McDonald’s restaurants in a car looking for Pokemon, in another, the children went on a mall expedition, in the third, they looked through a complete portfolio of goodies, and in the fourth, the parents constructed web cobwebs for Halloween. Katya playing with dolls and Max wandering around the mall are two further examples of storytelling.

 Since its inception, her YouTube channel has amassed over 21.8 million subscribers. “Max and Katy Pretend Play with Giant Surprise Eggs,” one of her most successful videos, has received a lot of attention and has about 315 million views. Later in 2019, the family launched a new YouTube channel called “FedorUK Vlogs,” which is dedicated to vlogs and challenges and also include family entertainment. It has a subscription base of about 1.6 million people.

She is also on Instagram as @Katyafedoruk, which is maintained by her mother Oxana, in addition to her YouTube page. They primarily share clips from her videos as well as lifestyle pieces. Miss Katy has some other YouTube Channels such as FedorUK Vlogs, Katy PLAY, and Papa Play.

Miss Katy

Miss Katy Net Worth

Miss Katy’s net worth is believed to be around $15.5 million. We predict $15.5 million based on online video data.

Miss Katy’s net worth is likely to exceed $15.5 million. Miss Katy’s net worth has been estimated to be as high as $20.14 million when additional sources of revenue for a YouTube channel are factored in.

How Much Miss Katy earns

Every Miss Katy fan out there has one burning question: how much money does Miss Katy make?

Miss Katy’s channel has received 59.93 million monthly views and more than 2 million daily views over the last 30 days.

Miss Katy is estimated to earn $239.73 thousand per month, or $3.6 million per year.

However, our estimate may be too low. Video commercials might bring in close to $6.47 million per year if Miss Katy makes it big. YouTubers almost never have just one source of income they have a lot of other sources of income. Miss Katy might make money from YouTube, Twitch Streaming, Sponsorships, and Brand Partnerships.

Miss Katy Body Measurements

Height               4.1 ft.
Weight              30kg
Eye colour        Black
Hair colour       Brown
Shoe size          4 (US)
Dress size         8 (US)


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