Naada TV is a Sri Lanka-based Youtube channel It plays a vast role in the music industry of Sri Lanka

naada tv

Naada TV is a Sri Lanka-based Youtube channel. It plays a vast role in the music industry of Sri Lanka as an entertainment medium. You can find a variety of music here with videos. There are playlists available on their channel. Their songs are in the Sinhala language, and you can find official videos and lyrical videos. Naada TV is available on Facebook and Twitter.

Naada TV is a Sri Lanka-based Youtube channel

Net worth            96.9K
Country               Sri Lanka
Founder               Unknown
Created                14 August 2018
Views                    85.6 million
Videos                  298
Subscribers         708K

Naada TV Launch

 Naada TV was launched on 14 August 2018. They are Sri Lankan based and are on the lead there. Naada TV is a Sri Lankan music industry and plays an important role in the entertainment of everyone. They have another channel named Naada Music that was made on 25 September 2018. Their linked channel Naada Mansala was made on 13 December 2013. All these pages upload music videos and are Sri Lankan based.

naada tv

YouTube Channel

Naada TV made its YouTube channel on 14 August 2018. Being the leading music industry in Sri Lanka they have 2 more channels linked. They have a total of 708K subscribers and 298 videos on their channel. On 3 January 2019 they had 200K subscribers, on 4 January 2020 they reached 400K subscribers in just one day, on 5 January 2021 they completed 600K subscribers and on 29 July 2022 they completed 700K subscribers on YouTube. Each of the videos on their channel gets an average of 7k+ likes and an average of 435 comments. This channel s total views count is 85.6M. TV Music has 431K subscribers and Naada Mansala has 123K subscribers. 

Channel Content

Naada TV is a music channel that is famous in Sri Lanka. They make music in the Sinhala language. Keeping their country and audience in mind they create their music. They post trailers before posting any video. They make eye-catching videos that are high quality, and this helps them in gaining the attention of the people. Keeping entertainment and people in mind they create everything that is needed to keep their audience entertained. Good singers, great video quality, great composition, and great direction are how they made their way into the music industry. If you are from Sri Lanka and Sinhala is your language don’t forget to listen to their songs.  

naada tv

Naada TV Popular videos

Their most famous YouTube video is Math Gassala posted on 10 March 2021 which has 9M views and 5K+ comments. It has 0 dislikes and 100K likes. Second is Manalai with 7.1M views and 5.3K comments. It has a total of 111K likes and was posted on 17 March 2022. Third is Anawakiyak with 4.1M views and 1.1K comments. This video has a total of 24K likes and was posted on 4 July 2019.

Naada TV Net Worth

Naada TV’s total net worth is 96.9K which is not confirmed. Their monthly earnings range from $3.3K – $73.9K and their yearly income ranges from $40K – $899.4K. They make $73.9K from YouTube only. 

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