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Nick Candy

Nick Candy Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                 $2 billion
Full Name                  Nicholas Anthony Christopher Candy
Birth Date                  Jan 23, 1973
Age                             49 years
Birthplace                 London
Profession                 Property developer
Spouse                       Holly Valance ​

With a $2 billion net worth, Nick Candy is a wealthy British interior designer and businessman. Together with his brother Christian Candy, Nick made his money as co-owner of the real estate development and design firm Candy & Candy. The brothers are notably well-known for creating One Hyde Park, one of the most expensive residential developments in the world and an ultra-luxury apartment complex in London.

Nick Candy

Nick Candy Early Life

On January 23, 1973, Nicholas Anthony Christopher Candy was born in London, a year older than Christian Candy, his brother. Nick and Christian both went to Epsom College after graduating from Prior Preparatory School. Christian left a business management program at King’s College London, while Nick ultimately graduated with a Human Geography degree from the University of Redding.

Nick Candy Early Career

The brothers established Candy & Candy, a real estate development and remodeling business, in the middle of the 1990s. Their initial purchase was a small apartment in London for 122,000 pounds. After purchasing their first ever property, the brothers had no money left over for further renovations, so they had to urgently borrow 6,000 pounds from their grandmother.

They continued to work their regular day jobs and lived in the apartment while remodeling in their spare time. Christian worked for Merrill Lynch while Nick was employed for an advertising agency. They sold the house for 172,000 pounds 18 months later.

Nick Candy Success

They were both able to quit their day jobs and focus solely on real estate development after a few notable achievements. Candy & Candy climbed the property development ladder throughout time, and today the business is best recognized for developing incredibly exclusive, upscale real estate in London. In 2005, the brothers purchased a home in London’s Knightsbridge district for 150 million pounds with finance provided by the Qatari Prime Minister. Together, they created One Hyde Park, which was designed by Richard Rogers. Some of the wealthiest people on earth dwell in One Hyde Park, which has 86 apartment buildings.

In the Fitzrovia neighborhood of London, the brothers paid 175 million pounds in 2006 to purchase a facility that was the former Middlesex Hospital. The project was originally going to be called NoHo Square, but the name was subsequently changed to Fitzroy Place. The Chelsea Barracks site was bought by the brothers in 2007. They used the financial support of the investment firm run by the Qatari government to pay an estimated 959 million pounds for the property.

Nick Candy

Nick Candy Wife and Kids

Nick wed Holly Valance, an Australian-British singer and actor, in 2012, and the couple had Luka Candy in November of 2013. In September 2017, they had their second daughter, Nova Skye Coco.

Nick Candy Net worth

Nick candy has an estimated net worth of $2 billion as of 2022. Nick and Holly are the owners of a sizable home in Chelsea, a farm in the Cots worth area of the English countryside, and an apartment in One Hyde Park.

Nick Candy Height and Weight

Height                    5’8”
Weight                   65kg
Eye color               Blue
Hair Color             Light Brown


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