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Norman Faut Des

A French comedian and blogger known for his quick-witted YouTube videos, Norman Jacky Cyril Thavaud (French pronunciation: [nman aki siil tavo]; born 14 April 1987) also goes by the channel name Norman fait des vidéos (Norman makes videos). Tens of millions of people have watched some of his videos.

Norman Faut Des Biography, Net Worth

Net Worth$769.25 thousand
Birth Date14 April 1987
Age35 years
Full NameNorman Jacky Cyril Thavaud
Subscribers12.2 Million
Views2.5 Billion
Norman Faut Des

Norman Fait Des Early Life

France’s Arras is where Norman was born. His father, Jackie Thavaud, was a local culture promoter and the head of a cinema school, and his mother was a history and geography teacher. Norman spent seven years studying the saxophone as a child in a conservatory. Using his father’s camera, he produced a lot of videos as well. After receiving his high school diploma in 2005, Norman relocated to Paris to pursue a career in film. Before specializing in video montage, he worked at a number of different jobs.

In March 2008, Norman and Hugo Dessioux, a comedic duo, founded “Le Velcrou.” On the Dailymotion website, “Le Velcrou” frequently published humorous videos. A friend from university named Marc Jarousseau (also known as Kemar) joined the group four months later.Norman received a cinematography degree from University Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in July 2009. In October 2010, Le Velcrou disbanded. The former members of the group have since released solo videos.

Norman Fait Des YouTube Channel

In his first one-man video, “Table Tennis Club,” Norman played the role of “mister average” and discussed topics relevant to everyday life. This new format was introduced by Norman at the end of 2010. On January 3, 2011, he opened an account. Due to the billions of times his videos have been viewed, he is now paid by the YouTube website and receives media coverage on a national level. Reporter Eric Loret, who called Norman and his partners Cyprien and Hugo Dessioux who launched the same format as Norman a “web phenomenon” said that they had the advantage of being “young artists who are really good at business and communication, able to manage all strategic decisions with the biggest candour.”

Norman has received invitations to appear in numerous videos from online friends and video producers because he is a well-known figure on the internet and the second-largest French YouTuber. Unsurprisingly, he appears in the solo YouTube videos created by Hugo Dessioux and Marc Jarousseau, who were once in his band. Even though they performed together as a member of Le Velcrou, Cyprien, the most popular French YouTuber in terms of subscribers, only invited Norman to take part in one of his videos.

Norman Faut Des

Sexual Harrasment

Numerous allegations of potential sexual harassment were made against him in 2018 in several testimonies. Maggie Desmarais, who was only 16 at the time and Norman was 30, was accused of sexual harassment by her in 2020.

Norman Fait Des Net Worth

Twelve million people have subscribed to the comedy channel NORMAN FAIT DES VIDÉOS on YouTube. 2011 saw the launch of the NORMAN FAIT DES VIDÉOS YouTube channel. The channel has 12.2 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views and he uploaded 205 videos in total. He has worked very hard for his career and luxurious life, his net worth is $769.25 thousand


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