Nousheen Syed (Dolly) Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Nousheen Syed (Dolly)

Nousheen Syed (Dolly) is a famous and well-known identity on Social media due to her all-rounder skills in modeling, fashion, and social media. By profession, Nousheen Syed is a makeup artist who is running a Salon in Lahore successfully. The fame and success of Nousheen Syed are emerging and increasing day by day on account of her hard work. Nousheen Syed also used to participate and appear in the morning shows that provide her fame among the audience. Along with modeling Nousheen Syed is also a great actress who is now expressing her acting skills in the media industry through her acting in a number of commercials and short stories.

Nousheen Syed (Dolly) Biography and Net Worth

NameNousheen Syed
Tag nameDolly
Date of birth16th August 1992
Age30 years
Marital statusUnmarried
Nousheen Syed (Dolly)

Biography and Wiki about Nousheen Syed (dolly):

Nousheen Syed with the nickname Dolly is a fashion Icon of the media industry of Pakistan who opened her eyes to this world on the sixteenth of August in 1992 in the birthplace of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and according to this date of birth, she is 30 years old as of 2022. Nousheen Syed is a well-known TikTok star, a famous model at a national and international level, and also a designer and makeup artist. Nousheen Syed owns the nationality of Pakistan by birth and believes in the rules and regulations of Islam.

Family background, dating, and marital status of Nousheen Syed:

The mother of Nousheen Syed is a housewife but the name of her is not revealed on any social media platform. Nousheen Syed does not express about her personal life including her family and her dating or boyfriend on social media. However, we did not find any dating relationship with Nousheen Syed because she wants to pass her time for the betterment of her career and does not want to waste it on any emotional relationship. Now Nousheen Syed is an Independent girl who is passing luxurious life and her lifestyle is lavish that everyone could only think about.

Educational background of Nousheen Syed:

Nousheen Syed (Dolly) got her primary and initial education from a private school located in Lahore. After that Nousheen Syed enrolled in the University for her higher education and completed her bachelor’s degree from a university in “fashion Management”. After completing her degree, Nousheen Syed peruses fashion as her profession. 

The career of social media and modeling of Nousheen Syed:

Nousheen Syed is not only a TikTok superstar of Pakistan but also a Fashion model, Designer, Makeup artist, and Instagram influencer. Nousheen Syed appeared as a model for a variety of brands. Nousheen Syed is also a Brands ambassador for several brands especially including makeup brands. Nousheen Syed is running a Salon successfully in Lahore, Pakistan where thousands of women take the services of Nousheen Syed for their makeup and hair treatment. Nousheen Syed is not only working as a model for Pakistan’s brands but also provides her modeling skills for a number of foreign brands.

Nousheen Syed (Dolly) has a greater than 11.8 million fan base for her TikTok account where she is famous with the name of Dolly.   

Nousheen Syed (Dolly)

The controversy of Nousheen Syed due to Fire:

Nousheen Syed whose nickname is Dolly got into trouble when she was setting fire to the trees of Margala during her trip to the Northern areas during her vacations. Nousheen Syed did this for the sake of creation of TikTok video for her TikTok account. Fire could watch behind Dolly and her friends during the Tiktok video. This was actually an immoral performance against a country. But after that Nousheen Syed provided shreds of evidence that she did not set fire to trees.

Awards and honors of Nousheen Syed:

  • For an anchorperson and host won the “DM Digital Award”.
  • Nousheen Syed won the “Jashan-e-Baharan” award for her appearance as a guest.
  • Nousheen Syed won the “Avona Bridal Show” award.
  • Nousheen Syed won the “Pakistan Mega Fashion and Art Awards” as appearance as a guest.
  • Nousheen Syed has the honor to participate in the largest Fashion show in Pakistan.
  • Nousheen Syed also got the “Spring Fashion Show Award”.
  • Nousheen Syed performs the best performance in the culture show arranged on the national level in Pakistan named “Pakistan Culture Show 2016″.
  • Nousheen Syed also got an award from “Express TV” due to her participation in the education and career expo arranged by Pakistan’s Channel Express.

Some lesser-known facts and information about Nousheen Syed:

  • Nousheen Syed gains huge popularity as well as money from a variety of fields during her career.
  • Now Nousheen Syed is running a company successfully and independently named “Leo Productions”.
  • Success is not stopped here but she wants to explore more fields where she can gain popularity both nationally and internationally.
  • Nousheen Syed has great talent and skills in makeup which is the reason that she is providing new emerging and talented faces to the media industry of Pakistan.
  • Nousheen Syed is also a brand ambassador of a variety of products and companies including Saleem fabrics, Gulab, Soft, Neet, Palm cities companies, and Oxygen.
  • Due to her outclass career in a variety of fields, Nousheen Syed is passing a luxurious life full of lavishes.
  • Nousheen Syed is a makeup artist by profession.
  • Nousheen Syed is also a pet lover that could watch from her social media sites.
  • The famous Nickname of Nousheen Syed is “Dolly”.
  • Nousheen Syed belongs to a Muslim family in Pakistan.

Apparent looks and body measurements of Nousheen Syed:

Nousheen Syed contains a slim and attractive figure that is the reason for her success in the modeling field in Pakistan and internationally as well. Nousheen Syed carries a height of five feet and six inches (5’6″) and according to this height weight of Nousheen Syed is sixty-two kilograms (62 kg). When we talk about the body measurements of Nousheen Syed then we come to know that she has 34 inches breast size, 28 inches waist size, and 36 inches hip size so overall body measurements are 34-28-36 inches.

Nousheen Syed is blessed with a fascinating and mesmerizing pair of dark-Brown-shaded big eyes. On the other hand, Dolly contains Brown-shaded long and silky hair that became the reason for her success to some extent.

Weight62 kg
Body measurement34-28-36 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorDark-Brown


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