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Phil Heath

Phillip Jerrod Heath also known as Phil Heath or “The Gift” is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He won the most prestigious Mr. Olympia competition from 2011 to 2017, making him a seven-time champion of the title. He has the second-most Mr. Olympia victories ever, trailing only the strongest Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney, who are in the top spot with eight victories each. His physique is regarded as one of the best and most balanced bodybuilding physiques of all time.

Phil Heath Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                 $8 M
Full Name                 Phillip Jerrod Heath
Birth Date                December 18, 1979
Age                            42 years
Birthplace                Seattle, Washington
Profession               Bodybuilder
Wife                          Shurie
Phil Heath

Phil Heath Early Life

Phil, who was born in Seattle, Washington, in December 1979, grew up to be an active and athletic young man. Since Heath’s parents had great businesses but were frequently preoccupied, Phil had to pick up many essential life lessons on his own. During his early years, he developed his early training and attitude by learning to cook, practice basketball, and appreciate the worth of hard labor. He attended Rainier Beach High School. He had a lifelong passion for basketball and eventually made the varsity squad. Phil swiftly gained a full sports scholarship to the University of Denver in Colorado, where he continued to play basketball while pursuing business administration and IT as majors.

Heath became familiar with the weight room as he prepared for his basketball games and was motivated by his friends’ companionship and dedication to their workouts. Heath initially started weightlifting in order to increase his jumping ability and presence on the basketball court, but he was still far from having a professional bodybuilding career when he made the decision to join them. As time went on, Heath lost interest in basketball because he thought it lacked the unique opportunity for greatness he was seeking.

Phil Heath Early Bodybuilding Career

At the age of 24, Phil Heath entered his first bodybuilding contest in 2003. At 192 pounds, he was able to win the Rocky Mountain Northern Physique Committee title, gaining the moniker “The Gift.” Heath had attempted to duplicate his success at the same tournament a second time after this, sending his confidence through the stratosphere. He was not successful in this quest, finishing in second place. Heath was now seeking more victories in order to erase the bitter taste of finishing in second place. He went to the NPC Colorado State Show after putting up more effort in the weight room. Here, he became known as Mr. Colorado and subsequently gain sponsorships. He finally decided to focus on getting his pro card after this triumph.

Phil Heath Pro Bodybuilding Career

When Heath made the decision to compete for his IFBB Pro-Card in 2005, he was about 215 pounds. He competed in the NPC USA Championships and was victorious there. At this moment, Phil began taking part in professional competitions, starting with the Colorado Pro, where he once again won first place. Heath eventually developed the courage to enter the Arnold Classic. Despite failing to win, he came in at a very respectable fifth position. After this performance, Heath recovered by taking first place in the IFBB Iron Man competition. He attempted the Arnold Classic once more after this triumph. Heath succeeded in taking second place in this endeavor, inspiring a surge of drive, unlike anything he had ever shown.

Phil Heath

Phil Heath as Mr. Olympia

After participating in the 2008 Arnold Classic, Phil Heath shifted his attention to the Mr. Olympia contest. He finished a startling third in his first competition. Heath fell to fifth place the next year, though. Phil briefly compete at the Arnold Classic in 2010, finishing in second place once more. However, it was back to Mr. Olympia, where he finished in second place. During this period, Phil Heath started to rule the Olympia competition. Phil Heath won his first Mr. Olympia title in 2011 at the age of 32. He had not previously defended his Mr. Olympia title in seven years. Unfortunately, this incredible streak ended in 2018, when Phil Heath suffered a shocking upset and lost the Mr. Olympia title. At the time of writing, this was Heath’s last significant appearance in the bodybuilding ring. He leads a very active lifestyle and he will therefore be eligible to take part in any upcoming International competitions.

Phil Heath Wife

In July 2017, Shurie and Phil got married, the beautiful woman and fitness instructor. Prior to 2015, he was married to the stunning Jennie Laxson Heath, but the union ended in divorce. Phil Heath’s divorce surprised his fans because he gave his ex-wife Jennie the best care possible while she was undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Phil Heath Net Worth

His estimated net worth of $8 million makes him one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world. Most of his Wealth comes from his bodybuilding career as well as his cover magazine features and appearances in movies and documentaries. He has earned the title of “Gift” throughout his bodybuilding career.

Phil Heath Body Measurements

Height         5’9”
Weight        125 kg
Chest            54”
Arms             22 “
Thighs          30”
Calves           20”
Waist            36”


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