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Robert Stigwood, is a music businessman, movie producer, and impresario who lived in Britain and was of Australian descent. The Bee Gees is one of the most popular musical groups of all time, was discovered and managed by Robert Colin Stigwood. Robert has been directly involved in the making process of other theatrical performances.

Robert Stigwood Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                        $300 million
Full Name                         Robert Colin Stigwood
Birth Date                         16 April 1934
Died                                    4 January 2016
Birthplace                         Port Pirie, South Australia, Australia
Profession                        Music entrepreneur, Film producer, Impresario,

Robert Stigwood Early Life

Gordon Stigwood, an electrical engineer, and Gwendolyn Stigwood welcomed their son Robert Stigwood into the world in 1934 at Port Pirie, South Australia. He received his education at Adelaide’s Sacred Heart College. In 1955, he hitchhiked to England and he held several early jobs, including one in East Anglia at a facility for “backward teenage lads.” Before Ross left and the theater closed, he did some work for him at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Robert Stigwood

Robert Stigwood Career Beginning

Stigwood worked with John Leyton, another singer who published the popular hit “Johnny Remember Me.” This peaked at the top of the UK charts, before supporting Meek in the production of singles like “Tell Laura I Love Her.” Before agreeing to a lucrative commercial contract with EMI, Robert signed several musicians.

Robert Stigwood Success

After Stigwood began overseeing the Bee Gees, he then saw significant success. The trio had just arrived in the UK after traveling to Australia, and their popular debut hit, “New York Mining Disaster 1941,” served as an announcement of their arrival. Stigwood oversaw the Bee Gees for several years while they issued several popular smash tunes in the 1970s, including “You Should Be Dancing,” “Stayin’ Alive,” and numerous others. Robert also got involved in the movie and television business, producing numerous musicals in addition to films like “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever.”

Stigwood began managing Cream during this time, and it was he who is credited with persuading Eric Clapton to give up drugs in the early 1970s. A New York Magazine piece that served as the basis for “Saturday Night Fever” was notably optioned by Stigwood. The “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack broke all previous sales records by selling a staggering 40 million copies, mostly due to four massive hits by The Bee Gees. Before “The Bodyguard” album from 1992, which sold 45 million copies, it was the soundtrack with the most sales.

Robert Stigwood

Robert Stigwood Relationship Status

Despite being widely known for being gay, Stigwood led a fairly secluded life and he was single.

Robert Stigwood Net Worth

Robert Stigwood had an estimated net worth of $300 million as of 2022. Every “Saturday Night Fever” copy sold brought Robert $4 in personal profit and a total of 22 million copies were sold.

Robert thus individually earned 88 million dollars with the famous “Saturday Night Fever Album” alone. Robert’s movie projects in the 1970s brought in more than $1 billion in income for Paramount Pictures in three years, about $300 million of that was Robert’s share.

Robert Stigwood Death

Stigwood at the age of 81 years passed away in London on January 4, 2016.

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