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Ross Perot

Ross Perot is a late Politician and Businessman with millions of net worth. Before his death, he made his name on the list of the richest politician in the world; he was born in 1930 and died in 2019 at 89. 

He was not only born in Texas but has spent 30 years of his life over there while studying, managing his parent’s life, and working in different companies as internships. 

Ross went to Texas School and High School until 1947 and then enrolled in Naval Academy after a two-year gap. This academy taught him a lot, including discipline, life rules, and history, which later helped his political career. 

After graduating, he worked as a Salesman at IBM and landed a job in an electronic company as a data specialist. 

Ross Perot Biography and Net Worth

Full Name        Henry Ross Perot
Birth Date        June 27, 1930
Died                 July 9, 2019
Birthplace        Texarkana, Texas, United States
Profession        Politician, American Businessman
Wife                 Margot Birmingham
Net Worth        $7 Billion
Ross Perot

Ross Perot Family

Ross Perot lost his father to Cancer when he turned 25. His father, Gabriel Ross Perot, owned a Cotton Factor and his mother, Lula May, used to work there as an assistant manager and producer. 

After his father’s death, he was devastated, and to pay him honor, and he changed his name from Ray to Ross. 

Professional Career

In the same electronic company where Ross worked as a Salesman, he got promoted to high-ranked seats in just a few years as he was the maximum lead generation person, and then he bought the company for 20 million in the ’50s.

Ross provided the company to his CEO, joined American Aircraft Carriers from 1954 to 1958, and worked as a junior-level officer. After again joining the company, he placed 30% of the shares in the market for trading, most of which the government bought, which later skyrocketed their rate immediately. 

This company was why he sold in 1980 and became a billionaire; Ross has invested this money in several Stock Market shares and real estate, which helped him generate more passive income annually. 

In 1990 Ross made his debut in politics and won the presidential elections in 1992 with a rising amount of votes. Later, he got into controversy by the rivalries that made him go to court to solve several cases and was taken under command by the CIA, and failed in the last election held.

Who is Ross Perot’s Wife?

In 1964, Ross married Margot Birmingham, who used to work in the same company where Ross did for twelve years, but later she got retired to focus on their kids. Margot died in their private residence in Dallas that was worth $25 million.

Ross Perot

What is Ross Perot’s Net worth?

In 2019, after his death, Forbes analyzed his net worth as $7 billion with his Petrol System; his investments in Del and Microsoft are still generating income for his children.


Ross Perot is the winner of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award among seven nominations. 


During his presidential period, Ross worked and gave all rights to gays and asked the state for an assault ban on rifles. 

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 11” (in feet)
Weight: 80 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 42-39-15 inches
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde


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