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Telugu TechTuts

After more than a decade, Syed Hafiz’s perseverance is beginning to bear fruit, Telugu TechTuts, his YouTube channel, has gained 1.6 million subscribers and millions of views since he launched it in October 2011. His promise is simple: Telugu explanations of everything related to tech and he has a companion website.

Telugu TechTuts Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                  $854k
Full Name                    Syed Hafiz
Birth Date                   2 January 1987
Age                               35 years
Birthplace                   Karimnagar, Ramagundam India
Profession                  YouTuber
Subscribers                 1.6 M

Telugu TechTuts Early Life

He was born into a family of white-collar workers. He entered the world on January 2, 1987. Nuridhin, his father, used to work in Singareni. Khadija, his mother, is a housewife. He focused on studying at a school called Singareni. He took part in a school called Navodaya. He took the Bipc gathering, but in his first year, he was forced to take the Mpc. He failed miserably in Inter First Year due to a lack of enthusiasm for math. He is famous as An Inter Dropout Hits Success on YouTube as a result.

Telugu TechTuts

To support his family, he engaged in a business in 2001 because of his dissatisfaction with entombment. However, despite everything, the shop owner ordered Hafiz to sit down. His mother experienced enormous compassion for her son in this way. Hafiz then abandoned that endeavor and he currently has an extra six months. Currently, people go to the STD Booth to get paper. A few months later, the STD Booth kid abruptly stopped participating in the activity. Currently employed there as an STD Booth Boy for 500 per month, Hafiz’s compensation gradually increased to 1500 per month. Later, Hafez stopped that activity as well due to some problems with the owner of the STD Booth.

Telugu TechTuts Beginnings

Soon after hardly some days, a young man who quit working at the STD Booth and was a member of a PC charity approached Hafiz and invited him to join as a sweeper. In 2002, Hafiz took part in the founding as a specialist. He then carried on with his work. He learned MS Excel, MS Docs, and MS Word in his free time. Due to certain circumstances, he was employed by another company as a staff to demonstrate MS Office, MS Excel, and MS Docs.

With his extra money, Hafiz bought a PC and put the rest into a foundation for renting. Soon after, he started his own foundation by leasing space and buying another PC, which eventually led to the acquisition of two PCs. Recognize that enrollment of students was gradual. He made a ton of money doing that. However, after only a few days, students started to inquire about C-language courses. He does not have the faintest idea about that, in any case. Therefore, the number of students that are now enrolled decreased. In any event, he started a new web page. He used the demonstration features of the internet and YouTube to study Hindi-language C-languages.

Telugu TechTuts YouTube Career

On YouTube, he searched for the Telugu version of the Ms. Excel Course video and discovered one with many mistakes but 100k views at the time. Currently, Hafiz thought he could explain much more clearly. In this way, he started a YouTube channel in October 2011 and transferred all the courses he was familiar with. He attracted more than 50k subscribers in a year. He produced CDs and videos and he started selling the CDs, earning 5,000 every day. In a short period, he saw some money on his YouTube channel. He received $100 as the initial payment. He fervently purchased a Samsung Mobile.

Soon after Jio’s deployment, one of his videos with the title “Secret Mobile Settings” hit 1 million views. Because of this, he acquired 50k subscribers in just two months. The number of subscribers for this main Telugu channel has reached 1.6 million after a decade. After that, he did not see failure coming. He received the “best YouTuber award” at the 2017 Andhra Pradesh Kept Amaravati Social Media Summit awards.

Telugu TechTuts

Telugu TechTuts Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Telugu TechTuts is 854 thousand dollars. Telugu TechTuts’s net worth, however, has been speculated to be higher than that. With these extra streams of income, Telugu TechTuts may be worth more than $1.2 million. Telugu TechTuts makes about $213.52k a year, according to estimates. Telugu TechTuts’ YouTube channel has 3.56 million monthly views and 118.62 thousand daily views. For each 1,000 video views, monetized YouTube channels make money by showing video advertising and for every a thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make $3 to $7. If Telugu TechTuts falls into this range, we calculate that they make $14.23k per month or $213.52k annually. However, $213.52k annually may be an underestimate. Telugu TechTuts might make as much as $384.34 thousand a year, on the high end.


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