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The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids is the official YouTube channel of Germany’s most popular talent competition, The Voice Kids for kids aged 8 to 14. Only the talent’s voice matters on The Voice Kids and the coaches only pay attention when they want that talent on their team and enjoy the talent’s voice. Everything related to the show and all 10 seasons of The Voice Kids is available on the channel and the channel has reached 7.26 million subscribers with 2 billion views in nine years.    

The Voice Kids Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth            $14 M
Created                 8 April 2013
Creator                  John de Mol
Country                 Germany
Subscribers           7.26 M
Views                     2.2 B
Videos                   1300+
The Voice Kids

About The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids is a junior version of The Voice of Germany and a reality talent program produced in Germany by John de Mol. The program was created for kids between the ages of seven and fifteen and is based on the original The Voice Kids of Holland. On April 5, 2013, Sat.1 started broadcasting it. The competition show has five distinct phases: blind auditions, battle rounds, sing-offs, and the finale. Ten winners have been announced so far: Michèle, Mesmer, Noah-Levi, Lukas, Sofie, Anisa, Mimi & Josefin, Lisa-Marie, Egon, and Georgia.

The Voice Kids Coaches

Thore Schölermann has been the host since the show’s debut. Chantal Janzen served as the second primary presenter from 2015 to 2016, Debbie Schippers from 2017 to 2018, and Melissa Khalaj starting in 2019. The second primary presenter was first introduced in 2015. In 2013, Aline von Drateln worked as a backstage presenter; in 2014, Nela Lee took her place. Lena Meyer-Landrut, lvaro Soler, Wincent Weiss, and Michi Beck & Studio were the coaches for the most recent season. Stefanie Kloss, Henning Wehland, Tim Bendzko, Johannes Strate, Mark Forster, Sasha Schmitz, Nena & Larissa Kerner, Max Giesinger, The BossHoss, and Lukas Nimscheck & Flo Sump from the band Deine Freunde are some more instructors from prior seasons.

The Voice Kids Format

The Voice Kids, a brand-new show based on the format of the original program, targets kids between the ages of 8 and 15. Around 70 kids were cast for the first round of the “Blind Auditions,” which was open to performers for the inaugural season. A huge, curved drape surrounds the kids onstage, effectively hiding their identities from the judges, audience, and spectators. The three-jury members are seated with their backs to the stage in swivel seats. They can choose to back a certain candidate throughout the performance by hitting a buzzer, which will move their seat in that direction. The performer discovers whether any chairs were turned for them when the curtain is pulled back after their performance. The applicant is automatically on the team of any judge who raises their chair. In the event that more than one chair is turned, the applicant chooses their coach.

The second week of the competition is training week, during which the coaches get their competitors ready for the “Battle Round,” the second round of competition. Three contestants from the same coaching group are picked to perform the same song as a trio during the Battle Round. Then, for the Final round, coaches select one of their three prospects. Beginning with Season 9, coaches have the option to “Steal Deal” one losing artist from the battle rounds. The coaches also have the option to use “Fast Pass” throughout the same season to send an artist straight to the final. A training stipend of €15,000 and an optional recording contract are awarded to the competition’s top talent. Whether they choose to do this or not is up to the winner’s parents.

The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids Popular YouTube Video

With a significant YouTube following for its videos and high public interest that extends far beyond fellow Europeans to Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines, and New Zealand, The Voice Kids Germany is the most globally popular version of The Voice concept. This is partly because the participants frequently come from mixed-race families, with either one German parent or one immigrant parent, or they are first-generation Germans born to immigrants. The Austrian performer Laura Kamhuber, then 13 years old, is a prime example of this YouTube impact. Her rendition of Dolly Parton’s song “I Will Always Love You” at the blind audition of the first (2013) series has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube (as of April 17), making it the most-watched Austrian artist video ever. However, the channel later removed that video and published it again in July 2021.

The Voice Kids Net Worth

The estimated net worth of The Voice Kids is 14 million dollars approximately. The channel earns 44 thousand dollars daily, 300 thousand dollars weekly, and 1 million dollars monthly. From the above calculations, the estimated yearly income of this channel is 16 million dollars approximately.


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