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Trakin Tech

One of the fastest-growing YouTube channels, Trakin Tech offers daily films on smartphones and other gadgets, as well as unboxing videos, breaking tech news, and general tech news. Ormoc Interactive Labs, a digital media business based in Pune, India, has made Trakin Tech its primary YouTube channel. Arun Prabhudesai is the channel’s owner, and it has 12 million subscribers and 1 billion views.

Trakin Tech Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth                    $11.21 M
Full Name                     Arun Prabhudesai 
Age                                 34 years
Birthplace                     Pune, Maharashtra, India
Profession                    Tech YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Subscribers                  12 M
Views                            1 B
Trakin Tech

Trakin Tech Early Life

In Pune, Maharashtra, India, Arun was born and he is 34 years old as of 2022. He did his high school education at Stella Maris High School in Pune and his undergraduate coursework at DY Patil University in Navi Mumbai. In 1996, he majored in computer science at his institution. He spent some time in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. He began working as an Internet Services manager at Weikfield Mnemonics Info Networks shortly after completing his education and remained there until September 2000.

Trakin Tech Business Career

He resigned from his position as Operations Manager of Webtech Developers Pvt. Ltd. after working there for a few years. He managed challenging web development projects for clients in the United States and the United Kingdom while at that company, growing his staff from zero to fifty in the course of six months. He started two businesses after managing multi-million dollar financing initiatives for Mastec. The first was Hover Technologies, a firm that combined with a digital agency in the fall of 2011.

Hover Technologies is an in-text advertising platform that enables web publishers to make their content appealing in new ways. In January 2011, his other business launched My Open Campus, a free cloud collaboration tool that secures communication and learning within the college. The platform was developed in response to feedback addressing the challenges faced by Indian colleges. He subsequently started Armoc Interactive Labs. The organization works in the media and consultancy fields of technology, online, and mobile.

Trakin Tech YouTube Career

After launching Hover Technologies, he began a YouTube channel in 2011 where he posted news and updates on technology. After quickly gaining around two million followers, his channel’s growth slowed to a constant 10,000 subscribers per day. On Sundays, when he is less preoccupied with duties linked to his channel, he organizes his hashtag #AskArun. More than 100 #AskArun episodes have been produced by him, most of which feature his responses to tech- and new release-related queries posed by his Twitter followers on his #AskArun tweets.

His channel Trakin Tech, which has daily videos on smartphone and gadget reviews, unboxing videos, breaking tech stories, and tech news, is currently one of India’s fastest-growing YouTube channels. He also has Trakin Tech Marathi, Trakin Tech English, Trakin Auto, Trakin ke funded, and Trakin Shorts in addition to Trakin Tech, which is his primary channel. Armors Interactive, a digital media business based in Pune, India, has made Trakin Tech their signature YouTube channel and the channel manages different portals.  He is currently one of India’s most well-known tech YouTubers with 12 million subscribers and 1 billion views.

Trakin Tech Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Trakin Tech is $11.21 million. Although Trakin Tech’s actualized net worth is not disclosed, we estimate it to be close to $11.21 million. Trakin Tech’s net worth, however, has been tipped to be larger than that by others. In fact, some sources estimate Trakin Tech’s net worth to be closer to $15.69 million when considering all of the possible sources of income for a YouTube channel.

Trakin Tech

How Much Trakin Tech Earns

The estimated yearly earnings of Tech YouTube channel Trakin tech is about $2.8 million. The average daily view count for the Trakin Tech YouTube channel is 1.56 million. All Monetized YouTube channels make money by displaying ads on their videos and for every thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make $3 to $7 approximately. These calculations allow us to determine that Trakin Tech generates $186.77 thousand each month, or $2.8 million annually. Some channels earn sometimes even more than 7 dollars for a thousand video views on YouTube so ideally; Trakin Tech could bring in around $5.04 million annually. Popular Influencers rarely depend on just one source of income, though, and influencers may promote their own goods, obtain sponsorships, or receive affiliate commissions to recoup their costs.

Trakin Tech Height and Weight

Height5″9 Inch
Weight65 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


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