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Victoria Principal

Victoria Principal was born in Fukuoka, Japan, on the 3rd of Jan, 1950. She has spent almost five decades of his life doing acting and production with her all passion. 

After Japan, Victoria moved to the United Kingdom; there, she went to eighteen different schools and, in the end, completed her studies at Royal Ballet School. 

In 1966, she got admission into Miami’s South Senior High School, and Victoria selected Communication and Media Studies to pursue in both high school and university. Before choosing communication, she wanted to become a doctor from her childhood and also went to study Medicine in Birmingham, but she couldn’t continue. 

After her studies, Victoria went to London to get her skills polished in acting and modeling, in which she received her degree. Then, Victoria got her certification from Professor Jean Scott and immediately moved to New York City to focus on her career properly.

Victoria went through several strategies during her childhood, as once she was getting back from her medical college and met a terrible accident and was admitted to hospital for four months.

Victoria Principal Biography and net Worth

Full Name        Victoria Principal
Birth Date        January 3, 1950
Age                  72 years old (in 2022)
Birthplace         Fukuoka, Japan
Profession         Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur
Marital Status     Divorced
Net Worth         $370 Million
Victoria Principal

Victoria Principal Family

Her father named, Mr. Rocco, was an officer in the Air Force and originally belonged to Japan. However, he has moved to different countries worldwide, especially in Europe, because of his duty.

Victoria was a spoiled brat as she had privileged and access to countless luxuries due to his father. Victoria has a younger sister named Kim, who has served in Air Force as well, just like his father.

Professional Career

In 1970, Victoria Principal moved to the United States of America from London to start the journey she had always wanted to begin; while moving, her spirits were high, and she was so desperate to enter the industry.

But Victoria took four years to have her first role in a film; she struggled as an outsider and worked hard to be appropriate to the director’s requirements. However, in 1950 Victoria made her film debut, and no doubt it was a promising performance.

Victoria received Global Nomination for the Most Prominent New Comer. So most the people wanted to revive some of her best performances that she did while she was young; her work includes; 

  • The Naked Ape
  • The Night they took Miss Beautiful
  • Earthquake

Interestingly, when Victoria was at the peak of his acting career, she wanted to explore her skills and decided to do some business after law. In California, she joined a law school, and after graduation, Victoria launched her three businesses at once and became an inspiring women entrepreneur that time.

One of the most successful and high revenue generated businesses is her Jewelry line, so many leading actresses love that.

Who is Victoria Principal’s Husband/Boyfriend?

Currently, Victoria Principal is divorced but has gotten married twice in the past. In 1978, Victoria walked down the aisle for Christopher Skinner, who was also a well-paid artist who mostly worked as a producer to whom she divorced after two years of marriage. 

Again in 1981, after exactly one year, Victoria fell in love with Andy Gibb and did multiple projects together and was stated as the best on-screen couple in the 80s. But Andy was into drugs which were affecting Victoria’s mental health, and unfortunately, she filed a divorce case to get separated. 

Most people are curious about her kids; to buzz that bubble for you; she doesn’t have any children but often visits and donates to the orphanage.  

Victoria Principal

What is the Net worth of Victoria’s Principal?

Victoria Principal has an estimated net worth of $370, and she has built this empire in five decades with her entrepreneurship, brands, collaborations, and primarily through her films. She has an incredible acting journey and has the title of highest-paid actress and model in Hollywood. 

For now, Victoria is managing three of her businesses first her Production house, Principal Secret Skincare, and Real Estate.

Awards of Victoria Principal

She has won many awards, including 2 Golden Global Awards in 1973 and 1993. Along with this, Victoria has received Palm Spring, California, Academy, and 4 International Awards.


Victoria Principal is the biggest inspiration across the country and is one of the few women in 1980 to start a business as a solo entrepreneur; in 1995, she was considered the Entertainment Business Woman of the Year.

Victoria’s skincare brand still has the most demanded products after Kylie Jenner’s skin line.

Physical Appearance of Victoria Principal

Height: 5’ 6” (in feet)
Weight: 57 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 36-28-34 inches
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde


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