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Vivian Aronson

Vivian Aronson is a Superstar of Television who belongs to Chinese-American society and is a social media star, chef, and creator of quality content. The major reason for the success and acknowledgement of Vivian Aronson is the cooking tutorial traditionally that she used to post on her TikTok and YouTube accounts as well as on Instagram posts. The main features of her recipes were the traditional Chinese dishes that succeeded to accumulate greater than 2.6 million fans following her accounts. In contrast to all these successful fields, Vivian Aronson also participated and watched in the “Master Chef” 10th season.

Vivian Aronson Biography and Net Worth

NameVivian Aronson
Date of birthtwenty-seventh of February in 1978
Age44 years
Zodiac signPisces
Marital statusMarried
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Biography and Wiki related to Vivian Aronson:

Vivian Aronson

Vivian Aronson is a well-known Tiktok due to her cooking expertise that she used to upload on her Tiktok and other social media platforms and gain a huge fan following. Vivian Aronson opened her eyes to the birthplace of Chengdu China on the twenty-seventh of February in 1978 and according to this date of birth, she is now forty-four (44) years old beautiful lady as of 2022. The zodiac sign of Vivian Aronson is Pisces according to the prediction of astrology. Currently, the residence place of Vivian Aronson is Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Vivian Aronson owns the nationality of China and in the aspect of ethnicity, she holds Asian ethnicity.  

Vivian Aronson before fame:

Vivian Aronson

Vivian Aronson initiates the posting of her snaps of cooking and diet objects on The platform Instagram. In the month of March 2018 for the first time. After the acceptance of the Instagram account, Vivian Aronson start her TikTok account. She start posting more featured and advanced cooking content on that application in October 2018.

Educational background of Vivian Aronson:  

Vivian Aronson took her early education from a local school in her home town which name is not expressed by her. On the other hand, Vivian Aronson is a graduate who completed her graduation Arts degree in the subject of Computer Science from the “Sichuan College of Education”.

Family, relationships, and associations related to Vivian Aronson:

There is no information about the parents and siblings of Vivian Aronson but she was grown up under the guidance of her grandparents in Sichuan, China.

Vivian Aronson believes in keeping her private life confidential, that is the reason that she does not express any information about her spouse or boyfriend. However, we find some information about her four kids because she uses to make a meal for her four kids on her TikTok and other social media accounts.

Vivian Aronson used to share a number of TikTok videos that were featuring the TikTok and social media influencer “James Charles” through her social media account in May 2019.

The professional background of Vivian Aronson:   

Vivian Aronson was interested and used to try different recipes of traditional foods of China from her early life. Vivian Aronson is a well-known Tiktok star and especially a popular influencer of social media creator of content, an out-class Chef, and also a Star of television.

Career background of Vivian Aronson:

When Vivian Aronson was eight years old she explore her interest and devotion to cooking and that was the time when she started helping her grandmother in cooking different unique items. 

Vivian Aronson also worked as a fashion designer for her self-created brand named “YQY by Vivian” for three years from 2009 to 2012 and got a lot of confidence from there.  

Vivian Aronson used to work along with “Scarlett Johansson” as a great Chef on the set of “Vicky Cristina Barcelona“. She also loves to share and post pictures and videos of those celebrities on her Tiktok and Instagram along with other social media platforms.

Vivian Aronson also has the honour to publish a book of cooking recipes and expertise that helps in cooking in December of 2021 named “Asian Market Cook Book“.

Vivian Aronson also has a variety of brand endorsements. She also promotes a number of brands through her social media accounts which included Costco, Campbell’s, bolt, and sparkling Ice. 

Some lesser-known facts and information about Vivian Aronson:

  • Vivian Aronson owns the snub nose of the Chinese people.
  • Vivian Aronson owns the Almond-shaped beautiful and twinkling eyes.
  • The Chinese New Year celebration is the favourite event of Vivian Aronson that she celebrates excitedly every year.
  • Vivian Aronson was grown up under the guidance of her grandparents in the City of Sichuan, China and then after her popularity, she migrates to the United States.
  • At the age f merely 8 years, Vivian Aronson started cooking alongside her grandmother.
  • The first post of Vivian Aronson was on the Sixteenth of March in 2018 on her account of Instagram.
  • Usually, Vivian Aronson features her videos for her four kids and made of a variety of Chinese dishes for them. 
  • Vivian Aronson also remains a fashion designer for some duration and then took cooking as her profession.
  • Vivian Aronson is also a Yoga instructor who got training from “Let’s Glow”.
  • The first video that Vivian Aronson posted on her YouTube channel named “CookingBomb” was titled “How to chop an onion like a master Chef” in October 2018.
  • Oil painting and Drawing are two favourite time pass experiences of Vivian Aronson that made her an expert in painting also.
  • Vivian Aronson wants to pass her vacation on any resort or on the beach.
  • Spicy noodles made by Vivian Aronson are her favourite food of her and also the major reason for her fame.

Apparent looks of Vivian Aronson:

Vivian Aronson has a slim, attractive, and smart body build even in this period of life of 44 years. Vivian Aronson has a height of five feet and four inches (5’4″) . According to this height, their weight of Vivian Aronson is fifty-three kilogram (53kg). The hair colour of Vivian Aronson is Dark-Brown-shaded and the almond-shaped eyes are also Dark-Brown-shaded.

Eye colourDark-Brown
Hair colourDark-Brown


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