Wild Cookbook is a food, nature and traveling channel based in Sri Lanka

Wild Cookbook

Wild Cookbook is a food, nature and travelling channel based in Sri Lanka. Wild Cookbook was developed by Charith N Silva on 1st November, 2020. Since its conception, the channel has seen exponential growth in terms of subscribers and views.

Wild Cookbook is a food, nature and travelling channel

Net Worth$562K
FounderCharith N Silva
FoundedNovember 1, 2020
CountrySri Lanka
Subscribers1.71 M
Videos225 videos
Views458 M

Wild Cookbook YouTube Channel

Wild Cookbook is a Sri Lankan cooking channel on YouTube. The Cookbook was developed by Charith N Silva who is a professional chef. The Cookbook is known for its aesthetic and top-quality videos. The Channel was started in 2020 during COVID-19 and quarantine regulations as a hobby, but due to the huge success Charith decided to continue his journey. The Wild Cookbook channel features aesthetic cooking shots that are a huge success among the audience. Charith posts quite regularly on the YouTube channel and wants to take his subscribers on a food journey with him.

Wild Cookbook

The channel is a huge success among audience due to its clean and fresh cooking style and also because of the twist and fusion the owner adds to the classic dishes. Wild Cookbook’s aesthetic sense, videography and editing are top notch and a very strong point and also one of the reasons why the channel was an instant success. With almost 225 videos the channel has gained a large audience who love the content. The channel not only features traditional dishes but also shows recipes and tips for making other international cuisines. The channel features a whole playlist titled ‘Wild Cookbook’ where Charith can be seen cooking and enjoying various foods and cuisines at different locations and places. A playlist titled ‘Wild Cookbook shorts’ is also an attraction for his audience, because the YouTube shorts features quick and easy recipes that can be cooked in no time.

The recipes featured on his channel are explained perfectly and the presentation is very attractive and aesthetic.

Wild Cookbook Popular Videos

Wild Cookbook’s most popular video is titled ‘Easy and Tasty Chicken Biryani By Wild Cookbook with ENG SUB’ the video has almost 520,000 views with 23,000 likes. His second most watched video is titled ‘Easy and Tasty Cheese Kottu by Wild Cookbook’ which has 511,000 views and 27,000 likes. His video titled ‘Quick Lava cake recipe – Wild Cookbook’ has 342,000 views. All his videos have a step by step recipe written in the description box.

Since the channel was started, it has gained a total of 1.71 million subscribers and has earned almost 458 million views on its 225 videos.

Wild Cookbook

Wild Cookbook Social Media

The Wild Cookbook has almost 122,000 followers on its Instagram account and 320,000 likes on its Facebook page. Charith tiktok page by the name of Wild Cookbook also has 2.8 million followers and 31.1 million likes.

Wild Cookbook Net worth

The estimated net worth of YouTube channel Wild Cookbook is said to be 562,000 dollars. The channel earns almost 1.21 dollars each thousand views and the total view count of the channel is 458 million. This net worth does not include the sponsors and other ventures that might contribute to Charith N Silva’s income.

Wild Cookbook Features

Eye colourBrown
Hair colourBlack

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