Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family, Fact, and More

Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui

On March 13, 1991, Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui was born in Lahore, Punjab. She is the niece of Bushra Ansari, the maternal granddaughter of Ahmad Bashir, and the daughter of the actress Asma Abbas. She is from a Punjabi family.

Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui Biography and Net Worth

Full NameZara Noor Abbas Siddiqui
Birth DateMarch 13, 1991
Age31 years
BirthplaceLahore Pakistan 
ProfessionActress and singer
HusbandAsad Siddiqui
Net Worth$1 million
Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui

What is the personality of Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui? 

Zara Noor Abbas quickly rose to the top of the list of Pakistan’s top actors and actresses. Despite the fact that she is married and has the Pisces sign. She is a young actress who not only won the audience’s hearts with her attractive appearance but also with her outstanding acting.

Initial education of Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui:

Zara Noor was Born and raised in Lahore, Punjab. At Beacon House National University. She had completed her graduate work. She is a smart actor who also took filmmaking as an optional topic in addition to dance, acting, and theatre. Since she was a young child, Zara Noor has been fascinated by performing. Since her college days, she has taken part in many performances and dance competitions. In the 2016 television series Dharkan, which was produced by Fahim Burney, she made her acting debut as Areen, the show’s lead, opposite Ghana Ali and Adeel Chaudhary.

Family belonging of Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui:

Zara The well-known Pakistani actress, Asma Abbas’ daughter is Noor Abbas. Colonel Abbas is her father. Bushra Ansari is Zara Nur Abbas’s (Khala’s) aunt. Her aunt is a well-known and talented actress as well. 

She is also the granddaughter of Ahmed Bashir, a well-known writer, journalist, writer, and filmmaker from Pakistan. Zara, her sister, and her brother are well-connected in the Pakistani drama scene. Noor Abbas is the niece of the well-known Bushra Ansari and the daughter of the well-known Pakistani actress Asma Abbas. As a result, Zara wed Assad Siddiq, a well-known figure in the Pakistani drama profession.

Awards won by Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui:

For her two movies, Chalawa and Paray Hut Luv, Zara was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the International Screen Awards.

In 2020, she took up the Best Supporting Actress prize from the Pakistani International Film Screen Awards. She was officially recognized for Paray Hut Luv.

Accomplishment, achievements, and career of Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui

Zara Noor Abbas is a Pakistani actress and model who works mainly in the television and film industry. She is also known by her famous and known married name, Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui. She is one of the most well-known actors. She acted in films including Ehd-e-Wafa, Parey Hut Love Official, and Lamhay (2018). (2019). the part of Arsala in Momina Duraid’s Khamoshi (2017) is the one for which Zara Noor Abbas is best known. She has also shown in the television series Dharkan (2016), Lamhay (2018), Qaid (2018), Deewar-e-Shab (2019), and Ehd-e-Wafa (2019). 

She is a gifted and dedicated actress who made her TV debut in Dharkan (2016), playing the major role of Areen opposite Ghana Ali and Adeel Chaudhary. Aside from television, Abbas was well-known for her new movie, Party Hut Luv, directed by Asim Raza. Bushra Ansari and Sumbul Shahid’s niece Noor Abbas is the daughter of actress Asma Abbas. She won praise from fans for her sign of Arsala in the 2017 drama series Khamoshi. She was among the most popular dramas of the year and made her a famous actor on Urdu television.

Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui

Net Worth carrying by Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui:

Zara Noor Abbas lives her life as an actress. Her almost net Worth in 2021 is $1 million USD. Zara Noor earned $3 million and has a net worth of $5 million. The majority of Zara Noor’s income came from her Yeezy sneakers.

Body dimension carried by Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui:

  • Her style is a mix of the East and the West. 
  • Zara enjoys customizing her outfits. 
  • Her smile is beloved by all. Her hair is lovely in wavy as well. Zara Nur Abbas is a skilled, hardworking actress who is both attractive and smart. 
  • She regularly works out at the gym to stay in shape and is 50 kg in weight (110 lbs). Zara Nur Abbas is a charming and beautiful person. 
  • She is taller or higher than you. Her acting is loved by fans, who are concerned about her height. Zara Nur Abbas stands at 172 cm.

Specifications of Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui:

After divorcing her first husband, Zara Noor decided to fulfill her dream of becoming an actor. But because her parents disallowed it. She wed young and left the country soon after. She married a man she knew would help her advance her acting career. She returned to Pakistan shortly after her marriage when she realized she had married for the wrong reasons. She divorced shortly after. She claimed that this choice had permanently altered her life.

Physical Appearance:

Height:  5’8”
Weight: 50 kg
Figure Measurement: 34-25-35 inches
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown


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