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Ada Derana

The name of the newscast on Sri Lanka’s TV Derana network is Ada Derana. Its information is provided in English, Tamil, and Sinhala. With a news staff of more than 100 individuals, dedicated to providing the most accurate and timely information. Derana has produced perhaps the most objective and comprehensive news property available, “Ada Derana,” in the fiercely competitive news broadcasting industry.

Ada Derana Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$5.73K-$34.4k
Broadcast areaSri Lanka
Presented byTV Derana

Ada Derana Beginnings

Ada Derana began as a standard television news segment shown on TV Derana. In a crowded market and a difficult political situation, the Ada Derana news brand was polished to reflect brand characteristics such as dependability, quickness, and accessibility. Fast news dissemination and accessibility make Ada Derana stand out. These channels include television, radio, web, fast SMS notifications, IVR, video alerts, and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ada Derana is offered in most of these forms on a bilingual platform, making it more accessible to customers in Sri Lanka and throughout the world. The news property’s style has been tailored to each of the distribution channels, taking into account the nature of consumption.

Apps for Ada Derana are available for all Android, Apple, and Blackberry smartphones.

Ada Derana

Ada Derana Awards

Ada received the prestigious Manthan Award South Asia 2010 in the area of e-News & Media. The Manthan Award, presented by India’s Department of Information Technology, honors the best e-content from eight South Asian countries. This year, Ada Derana was the sole Sri Lankan website among four finalists in the e-News & Media category; the other three finalists represented India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The ICTA has named Ada Derana as the best e-Content application among Sri Lankan e-News providers. It received praise for its multilingual presentation of news to audiences both inside and outside of Sri Lanka.

Ada Derana won the silver award in the “Most Popular Web Competition 2010” organized by the Sri Domain registry in 2010.

The Ada Derana news property’s centerpiece is the online platform, which is recognized as the number one news site used by Sri Lankans. According to data, surfers spend more time on the site than on the nearest competitor. The site, which is available in Sinhala, Tamil, and English, encourages two-way viewer generation by providing consumers with an interactive platform to comment on the latest stories and interact with the Ada Derana community, as well as by allowing viewers to submit their own news reports via Newsdesk – My Report. Meanwhile, the Ada Derana SMS Alerts service has the most subscribers and the broadest reach, as it is available through all major cell carriers in the nation.

Ada Derana

Ada Derana Net Worth

The channel has 1,990,000 subscribers, 79194 videos and a total of video views are 1,115,432,574. Ada Derana net worth is $5.73K-$34.4K. The channel’s last 7 days’ income is $9.02K, the last 30 days’ earnings are 34K and the last 90 days’ income is $154K.


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