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Alanzoka is a 32 year old content creator on Twitch and YouTube. He came from a Brazilian family and was born in Sao Paulo, the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His full name is Alan Ferreira that has given to him by his family, and now lately, he is known as Alanzoka.

Alanzoka has spent most of his life in Brazil; he did his primary studies and high school in Brazil. However, he was not interested in studies, but he did as complimentary, yet he loved the game stations and video games. In the 90s, he used to go to attend game events with his friends and used to explore different themes and vision behind them.

Alanzoka Biography and Net Worth:

Full Name        Alan Ferreira
Birth Date          May 13, 1990
Age                    32 Years Old (In 2022)
Birthplace          Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Profession          Twitch Streamer, Youtuber
Net Worth          $1.5 Million


As Alanzoka comes from a Brazilian family, his parents are from Brazil, and they follow their inherited culture, living style, and all. Moreover, he has kept his family away from his online presence and camera life, but apparently, they are extremely happy with his successes throughout his career. 

Professional Career

Without any bragging, let’s directly get into the stats of the Alanzoka online community. On his YouTube channel, he has almost 7 million-plus subscribers with billions of views and around 3 million followers on his Twitter account. And on Twitch, he has a whopping number of 5 million followers. 

In 2011 he started on YouTube with a channel named EDGE, and in a few months, he got 50k subscribers with a good number of views. Furthermore, in 2012 he made his account on Twitch and started streaming; well, he streams from the same account till now with incredible consistency.

Alanzoka was the talk of the town after he did recordings of playing FNaF and Fortnite. Also, in the beginning, he did Minecraft recording, which led to around 500k views in a very short time. But he switched from Minecraft and went with horror survival games and shooters. Eventually, he didn’t receive the response he was expecting.

For this reason, Minecraft is considered his most considerable success till now. 

In 2018, he was known as a gamer who had the most-watched or lots of views on Brazilian Decorations while on stage. Today, Alanzoka has made his name in the category of the biggest Twitch stars.

Two years back to this, he enrolled with the Brazilian group titled as Overwatch, and he was also invited to join Rocket League which he immediately joined and played for it. 

Moreover, he played Fortnite for two years that used to stream in different languages, such as English and Portuguese.

Who is Alanzoka Dating?

Alanzoka is currently having a relationship with Martha, and she is a 26 year old video maker. Martha also belongs to Sao Paulo, which is why they both have the same roots, cultural values, tastes, etc. 

Alanzoka has not hidden his relationship from his online community, as he uploads beautiful random posts with his girl. They both get lots of love from their supporters. As Martha also has her own strong social media presence with the followers of 600k.

The Net Worth of Alanzoka

Alanzoka has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He has generated this revenue not over the night. He has invested lots of hard work, efforts, and thoughts. 

His YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitch account are his sources of income.


Alanzoka has managed to win several huge honors, including 2 prominent awards. In 2020 he received MTV Millennial Awards and Digital Influencer Award in 2021. 

Winning awards with lots of huge categories is a big achievement, no doubt. Moreover, he has been nominated for various categories;

  • Streamer of the Year
  • The Gamers Awards


In his career of 10 long years, Alanzoka has made commendable achievements, and he has been a representative of Brazil at the World Championship in 2016. He also was famous in e-sports for being considered as Nextage in Overwatch. But unfortunately, he quit because he wanted to continue streaming.

Moreover, in 2018 he became the highest watched streamer among all over the world, on the Twitch platform. And in a few more times, he becomes the most-earning Streamer.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 8” (in feet)/ 172 cm
Weight: 78 kg, 172 lbs
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Hazel


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