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Will Smith

Will Smith link up with Jeff Townes when his age was sixteen years? A couple of them originated a triumphant rap for a track of The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Will Smith was Designated for a serial The Fresh prince produced by the Bel-Air.  Before this serial, He inaugurated himself with “the Independence Day” in 1996 and “the Bad Boy” in 1997 in the form of an A-lister in Hollywood.

 He became a prominent personality on account of prominent movies like Hitch in 2005 and Men in Black in 1997. Due to these achievements in all fields, he got nominations for the account “Ali” in 2001 for an Oscar award. Will Smith also get an ovation due to a Concussion in 2015? Then he moved toward Suicide Squad in 2016.

Will Smith Biography and Net Worth:

Name Will Smith
Age 53 years
DOB September 25, 1968
Networth $9.3 billion

Initial life span carrying Will Smith:

Will Smith was born to his Caroline on twenty-five September 1968. His birth town was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He, unfortunately, grows up in a middle-class society, this is the reason that he took admitted to the Catholic School by the lady of Lourdes. His family strictly follows the Baptist faith. After that, he was sent to take revelation in the Overbrook high school for his school education.

In Philadelphia the western neighbors of Will Smith was a moving picture of culture where a huge number of Muslims share land with Orthodox Jews in a same area. From his initial life, Smith was an outstanding student who contain a dashing personality. His fast-moving tongue gets him out of all the troubles that he faced until then. It was his chromosomal influence as well as his hard work which he gained the “prince” nickname among the population.   As will bless with the quick toughness, therefore he initiates rap at the 12 years of age.

Relations and Family members of Will Smith:

Will Smith merry in 1992 with the Sheree Zampino.  Son of Smith Willard Carroll Nicknamed as Tray took birth at the end of 1992. In 1995, Sheree Zampino an internet identity, and the will Smith divorced. In 1998 Tray son of Will Smith was watched in smith’s video for the track (Just the Two of Us). He took part as an actor in the serial All of us as a humor actor.

After the two years of divorce between Zampino and Smith, he comes into married relation with the Jada Koren Pinkett who was an actress in thirty-one December 1997. Pinkett gave an audition for the girlfriend of will smith in “The fresh prince”. At that time duo of them met with each other. They have two children together. Jaden Christopher Syre Smith who born in 1998 and Willow Camille Reign Smith who born in 2000; both of them are their children.

Foundations of business owned by Will Smith:

His sibling Harry and Smith himself owned the company “Trey ball Development Incorporation” which rely upon the Beverly Hills Company that’s name was given the name Trey Smith. Smith at her golden Jubilee birthday celebrated after presenting s bungee jump taken from a helicopter at Grand Canyon in 2018. He was awarded with the two hundred million dollars on account of his jump by the Lloyd’s of London.   

A career in the field of Music:

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince initiate the production of music and musical notes in their boyhood but it remains out from the rap of Gangsta which originated from the western area due to the M.W.A.  The rapping of Fresh Prince was on the topic of engrossment of the teenagers that were obscenity-free and with clear style therefore the population of Central America found it more joyful and saves for listening.  Track of Smith’s “GirlsAin’t Nothing but Trouble” became much more attractive throughout 1986. 

Smith launched his beginning musical collection in 1987 with the name “Rock the House” Which made its place in the top 200 after getting hit on the billboards. In this way, Will Smith became a millionaire musician before reaching the age of eighteen years old. This initial success makes Smith ignore to attend college for education.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince remain in dive of success when they launch their album with the name of ‘He’s The DJ, I’m the Rapper” in 1988. She won the firstly organized ever Grammy Award due to the most liked performance on rap on account of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” specially produced for teenagers “Nightmare on My Street”, and “Brand New Funk”.  

Movies/films and the Television Functions:

In 1991 Will Smith initiated his acting career. He took part in a variety of Films, Movies, sitcoms, and television programs. A list of Smith’s achievements and career in the field of acting is as follows:

  • “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airs” In 1991
  • “Where the Day Takes You” in 1992
  • “Made in America” in 1993
  • “Six Degree of Separation” in 1993
  • “Bad Boys” in 1995
  • “Beverly Hills Cop and The Lethal Weapon series” in 1995
  • “Independence Day” in 1996
  • “Men in Black” in 1997
  • “Enemy of the State” in 1998
  • “Wild Wild West” in 1999
  • “The Legend of Bagger Vance” in 2000
  • “Ali” in 2001
  • “Men in Black II” in 2002
  • “Bad Boys II” in 2003
  • “I, Robot” in 2004
  • “Hitch” in 2005
  • “The Pursuit of Happiness” in 2006
  • “I Am Legend” in 2007
  • “Hancock” in 2008
  • “Seven Pounds” in 2008
  • “Men in Black 3” in 2012
  • “Winter’s Tale” in 2014
  • “Focus” in 2015
  • “Concussion” in 2015
  • “Suicide Squad” in 2016
  • “Aladdin” in 2019
  • “Bad Boy for Life” in 2020


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