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Ana Navarr

Ana Navarro is an American Lawyer, Strategist, Commentator, and Politician who mainly deals with the campaigns and meetings of political parties and is part of the Republican Party. By her 40s, she is a Television personality and makes her appearance on leading news channels as a Legal Analyst. These Channels include; Espanol, ABC News, and CNN.

Ana Navarro Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth         $3 Million
Full Name         Ana Violeta Navarro-Cárdenas
Date of Birth     December 28, 1971
Age                    50 (in 2022)
Birthplace          Chinandega, Nicaragua 
Profession          Lawyer, Politician  
Spouse                Al Cardenas         

Early Life of Ana Navarro

Ana Violeta Navarro was born in Chinandega on the 28th of December, 1971, and holds the American Nationality. Her earlier life was the safest and most pampered one, where she had a possessive environment with the facility of every luxury, and she was her parents’ only yet spoiled kid.

Ana attended Carrolton School for elementary education and later enrolled in Catholic College in Miami. In 1996, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and Juris Doctor from Miami University & School of Law.


Ana Navarro is the only daughter of Jose Navarro and Violeta Flores Lopez. Her family belonged to Sandinista and was residing over there. Still, after the birth of Ana, her father decided to have a house in the United States for security reasons and a better future.

Career of Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro is pursuing her career by hosting “The View,” a Daytime show. In 2021 she was awarded Prime nominations for Best Hosting Female Category.

Ana Navarro is a law graduate and a senior member of the Republican party, which is the most potent political party in the United States. She began her career with Republicans and has served them in several administrations while efficiently dealing with severe legal matters.

In 1998, Ana passed the policy test by the Director of Immigration and was appointed the International Ambassador for the welfare of Human Rights by the United Nations Commission. Until 2012, Anna constantly worked for the UN, shifting from one department to another but stuck to her commitments. 

Additionally, she was honored with the title of Main Political Commentator at the leading News Channel of the New York Times. Ana was appointed there in 2014 and managed to join three different channels for same-page projects on adjustable timings. She is the Co-host, Analysis, Commentator, and Informative Talk Provider. 

Ana Navarro

Personal Life

Navarro walked down the aisle with her father for Al Cardenas. She married him on the 2nd of March 2019. Al Cardenas is the wealthiest and most renowned lobbyist and an Attorney who has been serving for many years in the law industry. The couple is living in Miami in the luxurious Penthouse of Al Cardenas.

Ana Navarro Net Worth 

The estimated net worth of Ana Navarro is $3 million throughout her career. On an annual basis, she charges $800,000 as her collective income through Politics, Television Appearances, and Hosting.

Ana Navarro


During the Presidency of Donald Trump, Ana has remained the Opponent and oUtspoken Critic of the government and received appreciation from all communities. 

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 5” (in feet)
Weight: 68 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 36-35-38 inches
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black


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