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Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was a later former businessman, investor magnate, and Industrialist who belonged to the United Kingdom. He has lived for over 80 years and has left the history of being the finest steel producer in England, spreading his business across the United States of America and Canada on a corporate level.

Andrew Carnegie Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth           $300 Billion
Full Name          Andrew Carnegie
Date of Birth      November 25, 1835
Died                     August 11, 1919
Birthplace           United Kingdom   
Profession           Industrialist, Philanthropist    
Spouse                Louise Whitfield            
Andrew Carnegie

Biography and Wiki of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was born in Scotland on the 25th of November, 1835. He was raised among pure British nationals, where his mother was Scottish, and his father has the ethnicity of Ireland. 

Andrew stepped into business by assisting his father during their European residence, where his father owned a General Store for around fourteen years. Andrew got a raise in his net worth through his exceptional product delivery in America and North Regions every year, which surpassed the market for the longest time in history.

Early Life and Family Background 

Andrew belonged to a middle-class family, and his name was given to him by his father as it was after his maternal great-grandfather’s name. Due to a struggling financial situation, he used to go to a government school that once provided free education for the needy. However, one of his uncles was a politician and used to help them in various ways. He was the same guy who influenced Andrew to be a successful personality and to grow his mindset beyond the limits.

Professional Career of Andrew Carnegie

Along with Steel Production, Andrew used to like writing and creating art in his relaxing time of the day, which later converted into his part-time income-generated source as he used to sell his motivational and educationalist poems. However, he has been part of the official board team of Railway projects, war accessories production, and steel and iron workers on the troops.

Personal Life of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie had only one girlfriend from his College time, and he proposed to her in his late 20s. Louise Whitfield was the only wife of Andrew, and the couple had a great wedding ceremony in Wales at a private location with their entire extended family and friends. The couple had four children, but two have hidden their identification to keep them away from the eye of the Media and Paparazzi.

What is the Net Worth of Andrew Carnegie?

Andrew had a whopping net worth of $300 billion, which is extremely high at the current market currency ratio. He made his entire income through his steel production company, and he was used to calling as the King of Industrial Personalities due to his historical decisions and skillset in his profession

Andrew Carnegie

Death of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie lived for around 80 years, and he lost his life in August 1919 to pneumonia and severe illness. Before his death, he wrote an official statement to his lawyer to give most of his net worth to the orphanage, Helpful private organizations, and the needy Avenue projects. His entire giveaway was for around 30 Million Dollars.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 5” (in feet)
Weight: 70 (in Kg)
Figure measurements: 48-44-16 inches
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown


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