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Jake Burton

The American snowboarder and founder of Burton Snowboards, Jake Burton Carpenter (April 29, 1954 November 20, 2019), better known as Jake Burton or Jakie, is credited with helping to create the modern snowboard. He was born and raised in Cedarhurst, New York.

Jake Burton’s Biography And Net Worth

Net Worth$300M
Birth Date29th April 1954
ProfessionSnowboarder Businessperson Film producer
SpouseDonna Gaston
Jake Burton

Jake Burton Early Life

Carpenter began his high school career at Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts. He enrolled at the University of Colorado in Boulder after graduating from The Marvelwood School in Cornwall, Connecticut. Carpenter, an ardent skier, intended to join the university’s ski team, which was the reigning NCAA champions at the time; unfortunately, his competitive skiing career was cut short due to an automobile accident. He returned to college after several years away, finishing with a degree in economics from New York University.

Jake Burton Career

Carpenter temporarily worked for a tiny investment banking business in Manhattan after graduation but became bored of the 12-hour work days. He felt drawn back to the hills. Working out of a barn in Londonderry, Vermont, he improved on the Snurfer, a snowboard predecessor with a rope to provide the rider rudimentary control over the board. By the late 1970s, he was one of a small group of manufacturers offering snowboards with characteristics including a bentwood laminate core and a strong binding that kept the board tightly to the wearer’s boot.

Carpenter triumphed in the Open Division of the 1979 National Surfing Contest in Muskegon, Michigan, earning $300 as a reward. In addition to building a renowned board manufacturer, Burton is recognized for creating the economic ecology surrounding snowboarding as a way of life, sport, and culture. Since the late 1980s, Burton has been one of the biggest producers of snowboards and snowboarding gear worldwide.

Jake Burton

Jake Burton’s Personal Life

Carpenter, together with his wife Donna and son Timi, called Stowe, Vermont, home. George and Taylor were Carpenter’s other two sons. At a 1981 New Year’s Eve celebration at the Mill Tavern in Londonderry, Vermont, Burton met Donna Lynn Gaston, the woman who would become his wife. She and her late husband Jake Burton Carpenter formed the snowboard brand Burton, and she serves as its owner, chairperson, and former CEO. On New Year’s Eve 1981 in Londonderry, Vermont, Donna, a Barnard College student, met Jake at a tavern called the Mill.

Donna moved to the home in Manchester, Vermont, where Jake was building the snowboard prototypes, from her hometown of New York City. The store was located in the dining room, and the boards were sent out of the basement. They got hitched on May 21, 1983, in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Jake Burton’s Net Worth

A snowboarder and businessman from the United States named Jake Burton Carpenter passed away in November 2019 with a $300 million fortune. As the creator of the American snowboard company Burton Snowboards, Jake Burton Carpenter amassed a substantial fortune.


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