Bandi Full is a Sri Lanka-based Youtube channel It is owned by Chapa Madushani Gunathilaka

Bandi Full

Bandi Full is a Sri Lanka-based Youtube channel. It is owned by Chapa Madushani Gunathilaka and is based in Kandy. As described by the owner, she is a counselor and SMM consultant, and food presenter. She loves cooking and presenting uniquely. Every 3 times a week a video is uploaded in Bandi full. It contains food recipes and presentations. Recipes are in variety such as Thai Noodles, Chinese, Indian, and many more.

Bandi Full is a Sri Lanka-based Youtube channel

Net worth            $78.1K – $469K
Country               Sri Lanka
Founder               Chapa Madushani Gunathilaka
Created                21 March 2020
Views                    94 million
Videos                  410
Subscribers         711K

Bandi Full YouTube Channel Launch

Bandi Full was made on 21st March 2020. Being a food channel, it gained popularity rapidly. Chapa loves cooking and wanted everyone to try different recipes from around the world. The recipes are in Sinhala language but for others, there are subtitles available. As soon as the channel was made, it started boosting subscribers as the recipes were easy and simple.

Bandi Full

YouTube Channel

Bandi made its way to YouTube on 21st March 2020. It is named @bandifull on YouTube.Full has a total of 711K subscribers and 410 videos. Each video gets an average of 9k+ likes and 200+ comments. If you are a food lover and love to cook food, then Bandi is the best channel for you. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily understand and cook amazing food within minutes. Chapa makes the recipes easy and understandable for everyone, even if you don’t speak Sinhala, you can use the subtitles to understand. The total video count is 94 million in just spam of 2 years.

Bandi Full Channel Content

Full is a cooking channel. Chapa thinks that every person should know how to cook, and her main goal is to teach people easy recipes. Videos are of high quality and best edited. Providing everyone with recipes from around the world and a lot of Sri Lankan recipes. Almost every video has its subtitles, and you can also see short videos that are available on the channel. You can find desserts, traditional food, Chinese food, easy-to-make recipes, and many more. Keeping entertainment in her mind Chapa also makes short videos that are funny and enjoyable. You can find Bandi Full on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Bandi Full

Bandi Full Popular Videos

This channel’s most viewed video is a recipe for Vegetable Chopsuey with 2.8 million views and was posted on 14 March 2021. It has 952 comments and 55K likes. The second most viewed is a short video of Mango Achcharu with 2.2 million views and 8.5K likes. On the third is a recipe of no-knead yeast roti with almost 1.9 million views. It has 1.4K comments and 28K likes.

Net Worth

Bandi has a net worth of around $78.1K – $469K. its daily income is $277 and its weekly income is $1.939. This channel has a monthly income of $4.7K – $106.7K and its yearly income is $57.7K – $1.3M. Chapa earns $106.7K monthly from YouTube.

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