Canadian MGTOW Canadian YouTube channel related to the Canadian MGTOW movement

Canadian MGTOW Canadian YouTube channel

Kali Mali or Canadian MGTOW is a Canadian YouTube channel related to the Canadian MGTOW movement. The channel posts MGTOW movement content along with some dose of humor. Kali Mali has 12k subscribers, 2 million views, and 345 videos on the channel.

Canadian MGTOW Canadian YouTube channel

Net Worth    $18,207
Country    Canada
Created    22 Mar 2014
Views               2.82M
Subs               12.80K
Videos    345

Canadian MGTOW YouTube Channel

Kali Mali, a YouTube channel known as Canadian MGTOW, was created on 22 March 2014.  The primary focus of the channel is MGTOW content, questions related to MGTOW, and new theories. Channel has 345 videos of which 240 are MGTOW related. Feminism-related questions and complete series on feminism with 11 videos are posted on the channel. Animated cartoon series are also created to answer MGTOW theories. The channel asks men to prioritize themselves and maintain their mental health above all. Men should do everything in their best interest and not feel like disposable utilities.

What is MGTOW?

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is a primarily online anti-feminist, misogynist movement that urges men to keep their distance from women and from a society that they see as having been tainted by feminism. The group is a component of the manosphere, a network of anti-feminist websites and social media groups that include the men’s rights movement, incels, and pick-up artists. MGTOW has been linked to the online abuse of women and, like other manosphere networks, has overlapping political ideologies with the alt-right and white supremacist movements.

Canadian MGTOW

Males Going Their Own Way, or MGTOW, is the name given to a naturally occurring phenomenon that occurs among men whether they are aware of it or not. MGTOW is a declaration of self-ownership and the idea that only you have the authority to determine what your life’s objectives ought to be. It is a declaration that, as a man, I will not submit to societal pressures put forth by women and society, both of which have turned antagonistic against masculinity.

Canadian MGTOW Videos

On 29 March 2014, the first video was posted on the channel titled “Canadian MGTOW Flag.” This was the small-animated video of the Canadian MOGTOW flag for the Canadian MGTOW community so all the community can use the symbol. The second video was “The Universal MGTOW Flag”, in this video they showed the MGTOW universal flag that can be used around the world and they can use it freely on any MGTOW-inspired videos.

The most-viewed video of the channel with 864k views, posted 6 years ago is “Video Tour of Australian Prostitutes in the 1920s.” In this video 8-minute video, they showed various prostitutes of the 1920s who have done something to men, and then they for charged for these crimes. Like Mathilda tilly used a razor to slash a man’s face and she was sentenced to two years in jail. This video has quite informative content and that is why it is the most viewed video on the channel.

The second Most-viewed video on the channel is “MGTOW MONEY: Rare Currency You Can Find in Your Wallet.” In another video “What Happens when a boy is raised by a feminist”, a letter was written by the son of an award-winning Dutch feminist. He wrote this letter to the famous Dutch feminist magazine and explained all the consequences faced by a boy when a feminist raises him

. Some of the other popular videos on the Channel include “Why great husbands are being abandoned”, “The most inspirational MGTOW video ever”,”12 reasons why divorced women do not rock”, “Emma Watson UN Speech translated to MGTOW”, “Woman runs over 3 teenagers”, and “Every husband should ask themselves this.”

Canadian MGTOW Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Kali Mali or Canadian MGTOW is approximately 18207 dollars. Kali Mali earns 3 dollars weekly and 10 dollars every month. The average yearly income of the channel is 292 dollars approximately. All these calculations are obtained from kali Mali views and the additional revenues are not included in these calculations, overall net worth can be higher.

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