Matt Del Videos VLOGS is a Canadian family vlog channel

Matt Del Videos VLOGS

Del Biondi Family Vlogs, previously known as Matt Del Videos Vlogs is a Canadian family vlog channel. The channel has 1.46k subscribers and 215 thousand views as of 2022. Del Biondi Vlogs has 466 videos posted on the channel.

Net Worth         $1388
Country        Canada
Created        22 Sep 2011
Founder            Matt
Views                   215.23K
Subscribers        1.46K
Videos         466

Del Biondi Family Vlogs YouTube channel

Del Biondi Family Vlogs or Matt Del Videos Vlogs was created 11 years ago in September 2011. Almost 11 years ago, Matt created the channel initially and posted his vlogs later on he started posting videos along with his wife Dawn. He produces unexpected, entertaining, quick-paced vlogs with his wife, daughter August, and dog, Bear. They are constantly looking for anything exciting! They travel to different places and create adventures for their subscribers. Their vlogs are fun-filled and family vlogs. Del Biondi have a daughter name august born in January 2020 who is also seen in the videos. They create fun-filled videos with friends, pranking the friends, visiting adventurous places together, and some chitchat with each other. Del Biondi posts videos on Del Biondi Family Vlogs every Saturday at 9 am Pt.

Del Biondi Family Vlogs Videos

They are posting content consistently for 10 years and the first video was “OMG we almost died at work (Becky and Andrew).” This video was posted 10 years ago and it was the first video on the channel. In the video two individuals, Becky and Andrew survived the attack on their car, they were talking casually and a rocket came surprisingly.  His second video was “2nd annual Mats Birthday waterpark road trip.” This was the crazy fun filled vlog of matt and his friends celebrating Matt’s birthday.

His wife was also seen in this fun-filled vlog. Another video titled “Marc & Sacha – Memory Video- engagement”, created a beautiful video of Marc and Sacha recalling memories from childhood. The beautiful engagement ceremony of the couple and beautiful memories from the past. The first video of the channel to cross a thousand subscribers was “RIU Varadero, Cuba 2013-Vacation.” Dawn and Matt went to Cuba on vacation and shared a vlog full of fun and adventures.

Matt Del Videos VLOGS

Matt Del Vlogs first popular video was “Honda CRV – Back Door/ Window Sticking FIX”, this video has had 45k views until now. Some popular videos on the channel are “Blue Bay Grad Esmeralda| Playa Del Carmen, Mexico”, “Samsung NX3300 – video and picture test”, and “2003 Honda CRV dead Battery sound.” “Wedding Day: Pushed into the pool”, “Matt Del Biondi Vlogs| Channel trailer”, and “Our Trip to Las Vegas! 2019 treasure island” are also among the most viewed videos.

Matt Del Videos VLOGS

Del Biondi Family Vlogs Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Del Biondi Family Vlogs is approximately 1388 dollars as of 2022. The channel earns 0.5 dollars per day depending on views and 4-5 dollars a week. The monthly income of Del Biondi Family Vlogs is 8 to 10 dollars approximately. The channel has a yearly income of 153 dollars, which can be higher when additional revenues are included. The cost per thousand views (CPM), which is made available to the public, is used to determine the net worth. The geography and demographic makeup of a channel’s target audience, the number of subscribers it has, the frequency with which it uploads new videos, and the number of hours that each video is seen all affect the CPM.

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