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Canadian Prepper

A Canadian YouTuber named Nate Polson better known as Canadian Prepper creates instructional videos about survival and self-defence gear. His articles explore the impending collapse of civilization, self-defence, and all things preparedness; often from a Canadian perspective given that he is Canadian. He also examines cutting-edge equipment. Channel has 806k subscribers and 170 million views as of 2022.

Canadian Prepper Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                 $643k
Founded                    May 7, 2014
Founder                      Nate Polson
Country                      Martinsville, Saskatchewan, Canada
Subscribers               8
Videos                        1.2k+
Views                         170 Million

Canadian Prepper Founder

Canadian Prepper

Nate Polson, a native of Martinsville, Saskatchewan, is known as Canadian Prepper. He is the owner of the family business Canadian Preparedness. This is the name of their shopping website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and shopping website is where a ton of preparation and survival items are sold. On Instagram, he uses the handle Canadian prepper to share some images. He belongs to the network My Militia – An American Patriot. As the prepping movement began to gain greater traction in Canada, Canadian prepper, Nate gained attention. He was mentioned in an article on, and he appeared in the documentary preparing for Armageddon from The Passionate Eye.

Canadian Prepper YouTube Channel

Canadian Prepper

Canadian Prepper has been a YouTuber since May 2014, according to sources. In terms of stats, as of October 2022, Canadian Prepper has 170M Views, 1.2k+ Videos, and 806k Subscribers. From his YouTube channel, in his own words: “This channel’s goal is to assist more viewers in becoming emergency prepared. Reviews of innovative gear, debate on the end of society, as we know it, self-defence, and anything related to preparedness from a Canadian perspective.

By the introductions, we can immediately know his videos Warning! Red Flags! Be prepared! Start right away! Cut the grid, etc. The videos of Canadian Prepper have taught many people a lot. Gear Reviews, Bug out Concepts, Self-Defense, Prepper Fitness, Canadian Prepping, After the Collapse Series, and Opinions and Social Commentary are the seven categories into which his content is divided.

Canadian Prepper Website

His website, Canadian Preparedness, is a shopaholic’s heaven with tons of products while his YouTube channel is instructional and philosophical. You kind of pause when you see his website after watching all the intense videos. He is obviously a successful businessperson, and some could counter that we cannot afford the luxury of considering motivations. Take solace in the knowledge that everything has been tried and tested by Canadian Prepper himself when you’re overwhelmed by the abundance of prepping and survival gear.

Canadian Prepper Gear Reviews

Just the Gear Reviews category has 377 videos. You can learn a lot and find anything here; including reviews of the top five handsaws, the best gas mask filter Mira, the smallest brightest flashlight in the world, and off-grid solar power systems. He recorded a 17-minute Tesla Cyber truck evaluation. The review claims that it is the ideal bug-out vehicle, being militaristic, bulletproof, practical, aggressive, etc. A vehicle was made in Prepper Heaven.

Canadian Prepper Bug Out Concept

There are 129 videos on topics like evacuation procedures, relocation strategies, camping and survival equipment, solar-powered kayaks, etc. “A 3 winter campout with a hot tent and a wood stove is a must-see” in this video, Canadian Prepper takes his dog Marshall camping. You can observe the equipment he uses for extreme winter weather, snowshoeing, how he sets up camp, saws wood for the stove, etc. Along the way, Canadian Prepper offers helpful advice, such as what kind of wood works best for a fire, why a bugout bag is wonderful, why you should always take a chapstick, and what to pack last when preparing to head back home.

Canadian Prepper Self-Defense Videos

Across 61 videos, you will not learn karate from Canadian Prepper. He discusses subjects like home security, unsafe neighbours in an SHTF scenario, fundamentals of urban self-defence, how to make it through federal jail, and how to prevent a bear attack. In addition to teaching his viewers how to create an electronic tripwire alarm and reviewing tactical pants, he also invites you to think about utilizing archery rather than guns.

Canadian Prepper Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Canadian Prepper is $643k. The actualized net worth of Canadian Prepper is unknown, but we estimate it to be close to $643.15k. However, we only used one advertising source in our estimation but the true value of Canadian Prepper’s wealth may exceed $643k. Given these extra sources of income, Canadian Prepper may be worth more than $900k.

An estimated $160.79 thousand is Canadian Prepper’s yearly income. The average number of views on Canadian Prepper’s YouTube channel per month is 2.68 million, with an average of 89.33 thousand views every day. Using the information, we project that the Canadian Prepper YouTube channel will earn $10.72 thousand in monthly advertising revenue and $160.79 thousand a year. In the best-case scenario, Canadian Prepper might earn $289.42 thousand per year.


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