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Glass Reflection

A Canadian YouTuber that analyzes numerous anime episodes is Tristan Gallant or Arkada, also known online as Glass Reflection. The channel Glass reflection has 585k subscribers and 99 million views.

Arkada is well known for declaring, “The Ending is Paramount,” which means that if a show’s ending is not excellent, he will usually end up not enjoying it at all. This statement has garnered both a lot of criticism and a lot of love.

Glass Reflection Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth                     $1000
Full Name                      Tristan Gallant
Birth Date                     March 26, 1990
Age                                32 years
Birthplace                     Canada
Profession                     Animator, Youtuber
Nationality                   Canadian
Subscribers                    585k

Glass Reflection Creator

Glass Reflection

Tristan Gallant aka Arkada was born on March 26, 1990, in Canada. Arkada is 32 years old as of 2022 and his birth sign is Aries. He graduated from university in Canada in the New Media program and he had classes in editing, programming, filmmaking, robotics, and so many things in between. He was a fan of anime since childhood and he was always curious that why people do not make content on anime. He said in one of his interviews that his life is Anime and he loved to spend time with his characters and videos. Arkada has a girlfriend but he does not reveal her name.

Glass Reflection Career

Glass Reflection

Back in 2009, he frequently observed content producers and video critics producing videos about subjects other than anime and just thought to himself, “I could do that.” He then started producing videos. On 27 November 2010, at the age of 20 Arkada started his YouTube channel “Glass Reflection.” Arkada uploaded his first video on glass reflection titled “a review of Death Note”, in 2010. His first video to cross a million views is “Top 25-ish Recommended Anime.”

‘First Reactions’, which is for an ongoing series or for a completed series that he can’t finish for whatever reason, and his main effort, the ‘A Glass Reflection Review Of’ series, which is exactly what the name says, as well as his main focus on the channel, is how Arkada got his popularity. He occasionally records vlogs as well, usually in response to requests. Additionally, he has a gaming channel. However, it has been two months since the last upload, and given the channel’s relatively modest audience, we are inclined to believe that Arkada has chosen to just focus on Glass Reflection, with only the occasional stream serving as his sole gaming content.

He uses a Nikon D5300 camera with a variety of lenses, a Rode microphone for studio recordings, or an Audio-Technica condenser microphone for videos when he appears less frequently on camera. Software is a little simpler because he mainly uses Adobe Creative Cloud.

Glass Reflection Famous Series

  • A Glass Reflection Review of…

The primary series on his channel and the one he has been producing the longest, by far, is GR Anime Review. Simply put, he chooses an anime, either out of personal preference, because it’s well-liked in the community or because his fans have requested it frequently, and then he reviews and analyzes it, going into enough detail to clearly lay out all of his likes and dislikes about it, usually avoiding a lot of MAJOR spoilers (with a few exceptions). Except when it is essential to appreciate his criticisms of the ending and the show as a whole, he hardly ever goes into considerable length about the conclusion. He also does not mind discussing foreign cartoons with an anime influence, such as RWBY, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Castlevania series on Netflix.

  • First Reaction

In the Glass Reflection show First Reaction, Arkada chooses either a current series or one he cannot finish for personal reasons. He then watches the first three episodes of the series (though this can vary for some episodes) and assesses how the series is going so far and whether you should try to watch the entire run. The show is still underway, and the episodes that have already been released have covered shows like Parasyte: The Maxim, Sailor Moon Crystal, Death Parade, and Food Wars.

Glass Reflection Net worth

The estimated net worth of Glass Reflection is $100,000. Glass Reflection’s net worth is estimated by our website to be $100k; however, the company has not made its actual net worth available to the public. However, based on our estimates, just one revenue source is used, and it is possible that Glass Reflection has a net worth that exceeds $100,000. In fact, when considering additional revenue sources for an influencer, some estimations put Glass Reflection’s net worth at around $250,000.

Glass Reflection earns an estimated $18.89 thousand per year. More than 314.77 thousand people watch the YouTube channel Glass Reflection each month. If Glass Reflection’s revenue falls within the $3-$7 range, we project that it makes $1.26 thousand per month or $18.89 thousand annually. However, $18.89k annually may be an underestimate. Ideally, Glass Reflection might earn more than $34k annually.


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