FactTechz An Indian YouTuber named Rajesh Kumar known online as FactTechz uploads educational videos


An Indian YouTuber named Rajesh Kumar known online as FactTechz uploads educational videos on YouTube. Rajesh Kumar himself creates all educational and scientific content uploaded on the channel. Popular educational and facts-related channel FactTechz is the seventh Non-Corporate Indian YouTube channel to cross 10 Million subscribers and now the channel has 17.5 million subscribers with 2 billion views.

FactTechz An Indian YouTuber

Net Worth                    $4.62 M
Full Name                     Rajesh Kumar
Birth Date                       1 April 2000
Age                                 22 years old
Birthplace                     Delhi, India
Profession                    YouTuber
Subscribers                   17.5 M

FactTechz Early Life

Rajesh Kumar was born into a Hindu household on April 1, 2000, in New Delhi, India and he is 22 years old as of 2022. His father worked for the government, and the family was middle class, renting flats and Deepika Kumari is the name of his sister. More than any other subject, science has always piqued his curiosity. Rajesh attended Delhi School, where he excelled in cricket and won the Sword of Honor, the school’s highest distinction. Rajesh initially intended to pursue a profession as an engineer, but he was unable to continue his studies owing to a family issue. He instead creates YouTube videos.

FactTechz Career

The technology and networking platform had an impact on him despite his long-term goal of becoming a scientist. Therefore, after finishing his CBSC program, he eventually launched a YouTube channel. On July 24, 2016, when he was 16 years old, he started a Facebook page and a YouTube account. His debut video on YouTube, which was posted on September 18, 2016, was titled “5 Amazing facts about planet Earth.” He said books were his main source of information. His science-related videos were incredibly educational. Additionally, some of his videos are very incredible. He combines science facts with his imagination, nevertheless. He conducts extensive studies for each video he creates. The most viewed video on his channel “Positive Thinking before Sleep – Subconscious Mind – FactTechz” has 24 million views.


His earliest videos were narrations of Video Scribe animations that he had created. He presently posts hilarious face cam videos with editing and effects. At the age of 19, Rajesh Kumar is the youngest Indian YouTuber to reach 10 million subscribers on 17 July 2019. He was among the top YouTube content creators in India in 2017. On 17 January 2017, he got 1000 subscribers and 1 million subscribers on 16 June 2017, in less than 365 days, FactTechz became the “first” Indian YouTube channel to reach a million followers (first in the timeline). After that, he published high-resolution films that combined video clips and Video Scribe Scribes. Horryone, an Indian YouTuber, once criticized him for using too many clickbait thumbnails in his videos. FactTechz on Tiktok also posted short educational videos; the most recent of these was uploaded on May 13, 2020, just a month before Tiktok was outlawed in India due to privacy concerns.

Famous Series

He launched a variety of educational series called The Top Enigmatic Facts Series in the middle of 2019. As of July 2022, it has more than 200 episodes. When this series continued, FactTechz disclosed his identity and attracted 10 million subscribers. The line “99% of people do not know this” appeared in the previous thumbnails for the series’ videos. Since then, they have been homogenized into a single, random fact that was highlighted in the video. His debut vlog, titled “Mere Editor Ka Girlfriend Se Jhagda Ho Gaya,” was published on July 13, 2022. Since then, he has consistently released a series of personal and travel vlogs.

FactTechz App and Website

An app called “Ultimate Brain Booster App” by FactTechz contains lossless audio files of binaural beats from Wikipedia: Beat. He launched a website that served as an on-demand streaming platform for unique videos. Due to a lack of subscription-sourced money, the initial subscription price was lowered to 199. Ultimately, the website was taken down after only one mock video had been produced. The videos that are currently in the service’s queue have been posted on its YouTube channel.


FactTechz Net Worth

The estimated net worth of FactTechz is $4.62 million, however, according to other estimates, FactTechz’s net worth may actually be more. In reality, when alternative revenue streams for a YouTube channel are taken into account, some estimates put FactTechz’s net worth close to $6.47 million. FactTechz earns an estimated $1.16 million annually, as the average monthly views on FactTechz’s YouTube channel are 19.25 million or 641.79k views each day. We estimate that the FactTechz YouTube channel brings in $77.02 thousand in monthly advertising revenue and $1.16 million annually. However, $1.16 million a year may be a modest estimate. Ad income for FactTechz might reach close to $2.08 million annually if it performs well.

FactTechz Height and Weight

Height                 5’7”
Weight                61 kg
Chest Size          30’
Waist Size          28’
Biceps                 13’
Shoe Size            9 US
Hair Color          Black
Eye Color            Brown

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