Tsuriki Show is a YouTube Channel from Germany that shares short and funny clips on the channel

tsuriki show

Tsuriki Show is a YouTube Channel from Germany that shares short and funny clips on the channel and channel specialize in family-friendly comedy. The channel Tsuriki Show increased to fame after uploading shorts on YouTube and shorts earned millions of subscribers to the channel. With more than 19 billion views and 12 million subscribers, this is the most popular YouTube channel in Germany in terms of views.

Tsuriki Show is a YouTube Channel

Net Worth                  $220 M
Created                       9 July 2019
Creators                     Vova and Anya
Country                     Germany
Subscribers              12.5 M
Views                         19 B
Videos                       1500+

Tsuriki Show YouTube Channel

A husband and wife Duo, Vova, and Anya created Tsuriki show on 9 July 2019. A four-person family named Tsuriki Show is situated in Moldova, a little nation in Eastern Europe. The family includes both Vovo and Anya and their two kids, a Daughter and a son. They began with kid-friendly videos and claimed that they desired to spend more time with children and thought YouTube to be the ideal platform for doing so. They also had a lifelong desire to be liberated from the constraints of fixed residence and employment. Their channel gained popularity when they started posting videos to Shorts, a YouTube alternative to Tiktok, in March.  tsuriki channel attracted 235,000 subscribers and received more than 400 million lifetime views by the end of April 2021.

tsuriki videos, which were a combination of lifestyle and comedic segments with upbeat instrumental music and no spoken words, collectively received more than one billion views in May. They received 2.7 billion views in June. Additionally, the content of the Tsuriki Show has attracted slightly more than one billion views thus far in July. In 2022, they have amassed 12 Subscribers and 19 billion views thanks to their material.

tsuriki show

The family took this positive response as a sign to devote their whole attention to content development and diversify their efforts into other short video platforms. They currently release new videos every day on Snapchat’s Spotlight, TikTok, where they have millions of followers, and Shorts. Their short funny clips are also available on Instagram and their fan base is growing tremendously. The couple creates humorous videos and uploads them to their joint YouTube channel. They upload situational comedy skits and comedy sketches, and they also video-edit themselves together at the torso to produce absurd and humorous visuals.

Tsuriki Show Videos

The most viewed short video uploaded on the channel is “The best brother ever story by Tsuriki show #shorts” which was posted on December 15, 2019, and it has 276 million views as of now. “It’s all for the sake of chocolate candies #shorts by Tsuriki Show” is the second most popular short video on the YouTube channel with 104 million views. Some other most Viewed videos on the channel are “Why was he treating her like this? -57 million views”, “it’s all for the sake of macaroni-59 million”,

“He doesn’t appreciate her at all-54 million views”, “blind husband- 54 million views”, “and This is true love! #shorts by Tsuriki Show- 29 million views”, “Love children equally- 22 million”, “Tsuriki Show best funny videos #26- 39 million views”, “it’s all for the money 100 million views”, “it’s all for the sake of a jar of red caviar”, and “Tsuriki Show best funny videos 2020-2021 #21 49 million views.”

tsuriki show

How Much Tsuriki Show Earns

The estimated net worth of the Tsuriki Show is $220 million. Our calculations place Tsuriki Show’s net worth at $220 million. The $220 million forecast is solely dependent on YouTube ad sales. Actually, Tsuriki Show’s net worth might be higher. In fact, some estimates put Tsuriki Show’s net worth closer to $308 million when considering various streams of revenue for an influencer.

Tsuriki Show Net Worth

Tsuriki Show reportedly makes 55 million dollars annually. More than 918 million people watch the Tsuriki Show YouTube channel each month. A channel that uses advertising to monetize makes money for each 1,000 video views and for every a thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make $3 to $7 approximately. These calculations allow us to determine that Tsuriki Show earns 60 thousand dollars daily and approximately 500 thousand dollars a week.

From the above calculations, it is estimated that this most popular German channel earns 3 to 3.5 million dollars every month, or 55 million dollars annually. However, our estimate might be too low and the Ad income might bring in much to $99 million annually for Tsuriki Show if it earns on the higher end. YouTubers also rarely rely just on one source of income as these Influencers can make money by selling their own goods, obtaining sponsorships, or earning affiliate commissions.

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