Family Booms is a German YouTube channel that creates video content for entertainment purposes

Family Booms

Family booms is a German YouTube channel that creates video content for entertainment purposes. It is a family-friendly channel with 5.35 million subscribers and almost 6.29 billion views.  Family booms is an entertainment channel with almost 632 YouTube shorts videos.

Family Booms is a German YouTube channel

Net worth$7.56 M
FoundedMay 24, 2021
FounderAleks, Valerie, Artur, Mark, and Alex
Subscribers5.35 M
Views6.29 B

YouTube channel Family Booms

YouTube channel Family Booms was established almost a year ago on 24th May, 2021 and has since gained a large number of subscriber. The total subscriber count of almost 5.35 million is a great achievement for a YouTube channel that was started a year and three months ago. Family booms is a kid’s friendly channel with entertaining videos. These videos are mostly YouTube shorts. Family Booms are gaining the love of their followers by creating content as a family. Their YouTube videos focus on 3D animations, fun experiments, and family challenges. The five member family behind the channel Family Booms create entertaining videos of general jollification. The channel has mixed content including tested and proved content that has been greatly received in family space. The family of five takes pride in creating fun and brightly coloured content and by brining big, bold, and creative ideas to screen.

Family Booms

Family Booms YouTube Videos:

Family Booms create short videos where they perform exciting experiments with lots of colours that are very attractive for children and are very entertaining to watch. In addition to this, they also create 3D animation videos. Family Booms also upload family games most of these games are based on food challenges. The most watched video on Family Booms YouTube channel is titled “Balloon Experiment with Bottle #shorts Funny Experiment video by Family Booms”. This video has almost 263 million views and 7.6 million likes as of now. The second most watched video with 213 million views is titled “The Invisible Glass Cube #shorts Experiment by Family Booms”, the video starts with an experiment showing Gatorade and Mentos being mixed in a container however the explosion following it is contained within a huge glass cube that is invisible showing the amazing animations and editing used by the creators. Both of these videos were upload almost a year ago and have served as a template for the channels content more or less. Another one of their most popular video has 180 million views which is titled as “Balloon Experiment sponsored by PatPat App #shorts”. These videos start with an experiment and with the help of video editing and 3D animations they add a grandiose effect to their videos. The family challenges add a great mix to the Family Booms channel where they perform various food challenges and games making their channel family friendly. The wide range of content produced by the family is the reason why the channel is growing exponentially.

Family Booms

Family Booms net worth

The net worth of Family Booms is estimated to be 7.56 million dollars as of now. While,  other estimates put their net worth close to 14 million dollars. This family of content creators also have other sources to generate income including sponsors, selling their merch, and other social media apps. Estimates show that Family Booms earns 1.21 dollars per 1000 views on their videos and they produce content in great quantity as well quality with almost 623 videos that are currently uploaded on their YouTube channel.

How much Family Booms earns

This YouTube channel has been seeing exponential growth recently due to their content. Although their most viewed videos were uploaded a year ago this recent growth explains that their content is still much loved and viewed. Their use of 3D animations adds a great twist to content that otherwise is seen on most channels. It is estimated that Family Booms earn almost 184 thousand dollars in a week from their videos most of which are videos uploaded on YouTube shorts. 

While some sources say that Family Booms earn 342 thousand dollars per month other sources claim that their income is much higher, putting their monthly income to be approximately 609 thousand dollars to 1.5 million dollars. Considering that YouTube is not the only source of income, they also use other social media apps, sponsors, and commercials to generate income we can safely say that they are earning equal to or maybe much more than most estimates put.

Family Booms members

Family Booms channel is run by a family of five members including Aleks who also describes herself as Mummy-Booms, Alex who is also VFX artist for the channel and father of the family and sometimes referred to as Papa-Booms. Aleks and Alex run this channel with their three children Valerie, Artur, and Mark.

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