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GABI BEE Biography and Net Worth

Gabriela Bee Aka nicknamed Miss Bee and Gabi Bee belongs to Canada. The whole population knows Gabi Bee as the YouTube star and the internet sensation that carry a Net worth of two million dollars. She uploaded her gaming videos on her YouTube channel which is named Miss Bee, which Gabi Bee is known. Gabi Bee is also popular due to the beautiful and eye-catching snaps that she uploaded on her Instagram page. Her family (parents and siblings) formulates the YouTube channel named “The Bee Family” and this channel reached the peak of fame among the population. Gabi Bee is an active member of “The Bee family” YouTube channel.  

What is the Wiki or Biography of Gabi Bee?


Gabi Bee opened her eyes on September ninth, 2006 and according to 2022, she is 15 years old. She took birth and grew up in a well-settled family that belongs to Thorn Hill, Ontario, Canada. Gabi Bee owns the Canadian nationality and strong belief in the religion of Christianity.

Educational background of Gabi Bee:


Gabi Bee has completed her initial schooling at a local school in Canada named High school Ontario. Now Gabi Bee is also pursuing her education further from that high school.

What do you know about Gabi Bee before fame?

When Gabi Bee was in her early childhood, she took interest in the YouTube channel “The Bee Family” that her father created on the application of YouTube. She has remained active on that YouTube channel and gained the attention and following from the viewers of the internet especially YouTube viewers. Her father and mother were famous for the names Miss Bee and Miss Monkey due to YouTube channels.

What are the professions of Gabi Bee?

Gabi Bee started her internet exposure from her YouTube acknowledgement from her family’s YouTube channel. Now she is a successful star on YouTube and considers an Upcoming sensation on social media and the Internet.

What do you know about the family background of Gabi Bee?

The name of Gabi Bee’s father is Andres Burgos; he is professionally a YouTube star who runs a self-titled YouTube channel named “The Bee Family“. The name of Gabi Bee’s mother is Rosanna Burgos who is also a professional YouTube star.

Gabi Bee is also blessed with an elder sibling brother, who is an active boy on social media through the YouTube channel “The Bee Family” and consider a YouTube star.

What is the Dating of Gabi Bee?  

The marital status of Gabi Bee is unmarried until now. She is at the early age of her career having the age of 15 years. Gabi Bee is not dating anybody and we find no evidence of her past relationship or dating.

What are the apparent looks of Gabi Bee?

Gabi Bee also known as Miss Bee is a charming, good-looking, gorgeous, hot, and attractive young girl in the field of social media. Gabi Bee is a fruitful addition to the field of social media in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Gabi Bee is blessed with the lean body type that is curved and hot therefore we must say that she owns beautiful body measurements. According to the shreds of evidence, the body measurements of Gabi Bee are round about 30-24-35 inches.

Gabi Bee carries a height of five feet and one inch and according to this height, she owns the weight of approximately forty-five kilogram. She owned the blonde-shaded beautiful, shiny, and long hair and dark-brown-shaded mesmerizing eyes that enhanced her beauty and attraction for whole social media.

What is the Net worth of Gabi Bee?

According to 2022, the net worth of Gabi Bee is evidenced as two million dollars. The major portion of her Net worth comes from her self-titled YouTube channel which is very popular among YouTube application viewers. On the other hand, she is also involved in the endorsement of several well-known brands and has dealt with them for advertisements.

What do you know about the career of Gabi Bee?

Gabi Bee started her career as a star of YouTube application and social media influencer. The Father of Gabi Bee started a YouTube channel named “The Bee Family” in the year 2013. That was the site where the whole family post their family-based skits, and parodies. Some other types of interesting material to grab the viewers of social media towards themselves. Gabi Bee is also gained and known by the names of Miss Monkey and Miss Bee from that YouTube channel.

Along the YouTube channel, Gabi Bee also enrolled in a variety of commercials for different well-known brands. Some of those brands are Toyota, Johnson and Johnson, Disney, Samsung, Regal Cinemas, and Pepsi which are taking services from Gabi Bee.  Gabi Bee has also been characterized in famous newspapers and magazines like Buzz feed, New York Daily News, Today.Com, Good Morning America, and many other media forums. 

Gabi Bee released her self-titled song named “In Color” in the year 2018. And after some months, she also released another song that was single-titled. She also released the re-make version of the late 60s of the twentieth century named as Ob-La-Di. Ob-La-Da along with the other combination of five musicians and released on his YouTube channel. This song of Gabi Bee gathered more than twenty-one million views on her YouTube channel.

Some less-known facts and information about Gabi Bee:

In an interview, Gabi Bee expresses that her family is also the social media specie therefore her family supports her career to a large extent. Due to the support of her family, she reached the peak of success in little age.

Gabi Bee’s family channel which is family titled named “The Bee Family” has more than 9.54 million subscribers.

Gabi Bee is a cat lover guy. She posted her new snaps along with her cat on the account of Instagram.

This famous and beautiful girl contains a twinkling future. She is one of the best social media influencers and the upcoming social media superstar in the music industry and social media.   


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