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Jbalwaysfresh JB


JB is the nickname of a tiktok star social media personality and barber, who have the full name of Jamiel Bustos. Jamiel Bustos (JB) is known due to the publishing of his hair cutting videos, POV videos, and the other clogs of his lifestyle on his social media account especially on his jbalwaysfresh tiktok account and youtube account named “JBALWAYSFRESH JB BIOGRAPHY“where jamiel bustos posted his haircut videos . jamiel bustos has gathered five million followers and more than sixty-two million likes on the same TikTok account due to pov videos and hair cutting videos. zodiac sign of JB is Libra. jamiel bustos current age is 19 years.

(JB) Jamiel Bustos before becoming popular:

Jamiel Bustos (JB) has been initiating his own YouTube channel with the name of jbalwaysfresh in September in the year of 2019,jamiel bustos get million followers within no time and get 21.5 million views on videos, and jamiel bustos get fame popularity in the month of january.

Jamiel Bustos (JB tiktok star) social media personality posted his first POV video on the account TikTok twenty-fifth of May 2021 which has earned more than 21.5 million views. jamiel bustos does not interest in dating.


Jbalwaysfresh JB

(JB) Jamiel Bustos his (real name) is a guy who got growth up as a single parent from his mother. Jamiel Bustos (JB tiktok star) born on third of October 2003 according to this.The birthplace (born place) of Jamiel Bustos (JB) is Toronto, Canada. The Zodiac sign of Jamiel Bustos (JB) is Libra according to the month of october. jamiel bustos age is 19 years.

Family information

Jamiel Bustos was five years old when jamiel bustos shifts to Canada (toronto) from Los Angeles along with his family member in the month of january, jamiel bustos has two family memebr. That was the same year when the parents of Jbalwaysfresh JB became separate in the month of december and jamiel bustos mom being a single parent look after jamiel bustos. The name of Jamiel Bustos (JB)’s mother is Leslie Dula. You also may like Milialar

JB’s Girlfriend

The birthplace (born place) of Jamiel Bustos (tiktok star) is Toronto, Canada. jamiel bustos relationship status is single and does not have dating anyone.jamiel bustos is a 19 years old, when it comes jamiel bustos marital status,jamiel bustos is too young to get married and wouldn’t interested in dating and starting a family soon. jamiel bustos does not have dating experience dating.

Background of Jamiel Bustos:

Professionally Jamiel Bustos (JB tiktok star) is a barber and used to cutting of different people with different lifestyle and get popularity and more followers. Jamiel bustos uploaded cutting videos on his YouTube channel in September in the year of 2019. jbalwaysfresh fame tiktok account as a jbalwaysfresh tiktok account and now became the most famous barber in toronto (Canada). And a social media personality and get followers.jamiel bustos does not have past relationships and dating experience.

Career of (JB):

In September the year 2019, Jamiel Bustos (JB) initiated his YouTube channel. Where he posted his cutting videos and get 21.5 million views and Sixty-Two million likes and get popularity . With little time passage, Jamiel Bustos (JB) became very much famous among the upper-class population and people started to go cutting from him. Jamiel Bustos real name (JB) succeed to gain 5.1 million followers.

Net worth of JB:

Jamiel Bustos (JB) holds a Net worth of 6.7 million dollars until now.

information about Jamiel Bustos:

  • Jamiel Bustos (JB) born on the third of October 2003.
  • jamiel bustos is 19 years of age.
  • Jamiel Bustos (JB) is a barber by profession.
  • Jamiel Bustos (JB) loved to cutting from his childhood. Even though he cut the hair of his class fellows free of cost.
  • Jamiel Bustos (JB) loves his mother very much despite his busy schedule.
  • The Zodiac sign of Jamiel Bustos (JB) is Libra according to astrology
  • jamiel bustos is single until now and does not have dating anyone.

The physical information of Jamiel Bustos:

Jamiel Bustos (JB) carries a height of five feet and seven inches. According to this height, he carries a 64-kilogram weight.

Jamiel Bustos (JB) has black-shaded hair cutting and eyes that suits him very much.


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