Haider TV is a famous YouTube channel from Karachi Pakistan, owned by Waqas Haider

haider tv

Haider TV is a famous YouTube channel from Karachi Pakistan, owned by Waqas Haider. He is an inspiration for youngsters as he started from scratch and now he has more than 5 million subscribers and 900+ million views on his main channel Haider TV.

Haider TV is a famous YouTube channel

Net Worth                        $1.7 million
Full Name                         Haider TV
Birth Date                        4 September 1994
Age                                    27 years
Birthplace                        Karachi, Pakistan
Profession                       YouTuber
Subscribers                      5 Million

Haider TV Early Life

Waqas Haider famous as Haider TV is born on 4 September 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan and he is 27 years old as of 2022. He belongs to a middle-class Urdu-medium community in Karachi and his family moved to UAE when he was a kid. Waqas completed his early education in local schools and graduated in Commerce from Punjab University in Pakistan. He started his job in the agriculture department of Sharjah in UAE and working there for a very long time.

haider tv

Haider TV Career

Waqas created his YouTube channel in 2015 but posted his first video in 2018 titled “Why Honda 125 is banned in all countries.” He started YouTube as his part-time work as he was already doing his full-time job in the agriculture department. Before starting his YouTube channel Haider TV, he has some pages on Facebook and other platforms where he shares Islamic content.

His information was authentic and based on Islamic aspects on that page. When started working on the YouTube channel in 2018, he was sharing authentic information. He uses different blogs on Google, and official websites and read books on all piece of information. After gathering all the information he writes a script that takes a lot of time and effort. After a fully edited script, without any error he record a video for his famous and unique channel, Haider TV.

Haider TV Other Channel

As no of subscribers for Haider TV is more than 5 million, he has 2 other YouTube channels as well, Haider Tech and Waqas Haider. As we know Haider TV has information about the world and globe, the second channel Haider Tech has all the information about technology and Waqas Haider is dedicated to his Vlogs and personal life. Haider Tech has 570k subscribers and Waqas Haider has 208k subscribers as of 2022.

haider tv

Haider TV Popular Video

Haider TV has had more than 900 million views in these 4 years so there are many popular videos on the channel. The most viewed video on the channel is “10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World Urdu” and this video has 14 million views, posted 2 years ago in 2020. The second most viewed video on the channel is “9 Most Invisible Animals in The World” and this video has more than 9 million views.

Haider TV Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Haider TV is $1.7 million as of 2022. The daily income of the channel is $1200 and the weekly earnings are $8000. From the above details, the estimated monthly earning of the channel is 35000, and Haider TV earns $630k per year from YouTube ad revenue.

Haider TV Height and Weight

Weight                             5’11”
Weight                             70 kg
Eye Color                         Brown
Hair Color                         Black
Skin Complexion             Fair

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